Shedding light on Ms. Giallorenzo


Giallorenzo warmly welcomes BHS community.

By Henry Wool

There is a new and inviting mood in the Burlington High School main office.  Now when entering, one feels the soft glow emitted from an assortment of standing lamps instead of the cold glare of fluorescent lighting.  Plants and flowers adorn the front desk to create a warm and approachable atmosphere.

“I wanted a welcoming vibe,” Teresa Giallorenzo said.  

As of October 29, 2019, Giallorenzo is the new BHS office manager and this friendly setting compliments her personality.

Prior to her position in the main office, Giallorenzo worked as a paraeducator in the district at both the Integrated Arts Academy and JJ Flynn Elementary. Giallorenzo, certified to teach English to grades 7-12, said she always figured she would have her own classroom..

“I always thought I would work with teenagers, which I why I have that degree. I am really excited to be a part of this community,” Giallorenzo said.

What attracted Giallorenzo to her job at BHS is her connection to kids of all ages. Her children are BSD kids, Giallorenzo says she is psyched to reconnect with students she has known through her children and from her past positions.

Giallorenzo knows that it can be intimidating for students and families to come into the main office. Her welcome signs and lamps make the office comfortable and safe for all to enter and ask for what they need.

“Seeing a friendly face in the morning is a good way to start the day and Mrs. Giallorenzo has always been somebody that I can say has been super nice and friendly,” Abe Olsen, BHS junior, said.

This front of house position has been difficult to fill; three other professionals have tried it and resigned in the last three years. Both staff and students are hopeful Giallorenzo will stay.

Billy Ray Poli, BHS choir teacher, appreciates Giallorenzo’s care.

“She’s always asking people how they are […] She really goes out of her way to make sure that whoever is in her life is doing well,” Billy Ray Poli said.

Fortunately,. Giallorenzo plans on being at BHS for a long time.

“I really want to help and am super excited for our new re-envisioning project, helping make [BHS] a better place, making it more of a community, and having kids get what they need,” Giallorenzo said.

“It’s a really great job, I’m happy here […] just tell everyone to keep being awesome.”