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Computer Science teacher Nora LaCasse.

Teacher Feature: Meet Computer Science teacher Nora LaCasse

C Cate, Journalism 1 Student March 12, 2024

Where are you from originally? “New Hampshire.” What college did you go to to become a teacher? “I went to Bennington College for my undergrad. It’s a very tiny hippie school in Southern Vermont. And then I went to Boston and got my master’s...

Across the nation chronic absenteeism (missing 10% or more of school days) has doubled since 2018. BHS has seen a 75% increase in that same time frame and now has a 28% chronic absenteeism rate.


Connor Byam, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2024

28% of BSD students were chronically absent last school year – having missed more than 10% of school days. This follows a nation-wide trend of increased absenteeism in recent years. The chronic absenteeism rate during the 2023 school year was 75% higher...

Music teacher Ed Owens

Teacher Feature: Meet band director Ed Owens

Viola Di Silvio, Journalism 1 Student January 23, 2024

Where are you from? Why did you choose to teach at BHS? “I am originally from Syracuse, NY.  I chose to teach at BHS because of the amazing students and supportive community!” Do you prefer high schoolers or middle schoolers? “Both groups...

Sean Fleming

Teacher Feature: Meet Sean Fleming

Mac Timothy Murad, Journalism 1 Student January 18, 2024

Where are you originally from? "I'm originally from Lowell Massachusetts." Why did you choose to teach here at BHS? "A combination of things. I was teaching in Massachusetts, but my contract there wasn't renewed just due to what the school needed...

Review of Henrys Diner

Review of Henry’s Diner

Jamison Homsted and Eamon Morency January 10, 2024

Our friend Ike was the first person to recommend Henrys to us. Typically, Ike is like a factory for bad takes. He thinks Marvin Harrison is better than Randy Moss. He thinks “Breaking Bad” is a bad show. But boy was he right about Henry’s Diner. Henry...

Review of Hongs Dumplings

Review of Hong’s Dumplings

Sage Wyndrof, Journalism 1 Student January 4, 2024

I went to Hong’s Dumplings on Pearl Street for the first time last year. After hearing about their delicious food from multiple people, a friend of mine (who had also recommended it) decided to take me; and oh did the food live up to its praise. We...

Ms. Sagalchik

Teacher Feature: Meet Ms. Sagalchik

Aisha Abdi, Journalism 1 Student December 14, 2023

Where did you grow up? “I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a neighborhood called Bensonhurst, and when I was ten we moved like five blocks over, so the same neighborhood but a slightly different place, and then we moved again when I was like.. twenty,...

New web filter GoGuardian has blocked the school districts own live streams.


Penelope deRosset, Freya Heinzer, and Rowan Roberts December 12, 2023

Instagram - blocked. TikTok - blocked. Pinterest -blocked. Cool Math Games - blocked, The New York Times - blocked. This year the high school started using GoGuardian, a monitoring program that keeps track of everything students do on their Chromebooks...

Math teacher Chaim Lodish

Teacher Feature: Meet Mr. Lodish

Phoenix Ashby, Journalism 1 Student October 31, 2023

Where are you from? Why did you choose to teach at BHS? "I am from planet Earth.  Third planet from the sun; I’m a native.  Formative years in the suburban Philadelphia area, into Colorado Springs for College, San Francisco for a brief stint of...

BCL teacher Peter Sloth

Teacher Feature: Meet Peter Sloth

Liam Hand, Journalism 1 Student October 20, 2023

Where are you from, and what made you decide to work at BHS? "I am from a small town called Skals in the middle of Denmark. I have been visiting Burlington many times because I have family living on North St. and I really like the city, lake, and...

Norm Tremblay

Teacher Feature: Meet Norm Tremblay

Rose Howell, Journalism 1 Student October 14, 2023

Where are you from? And why did you choose to teach at BHS? “I grew up in Highgate, Vermont. I grew up on a dairy farm. And I was the youngest of five children. My parents were much older when they had me, they're in their 40s. So I was the last...

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