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Seniors Camryn Poulin, Hanna Coughlin, and Brooks DeShaw hold up the trophy in celebration after the win.

A Winning Recipe

It took a lot for the Sealakers to beat BFA-St. Albans 3-2 for the program’s first championship in its 10 year history.  BFA-St. Albans is the state’s most decorated team with 11 state championships...

A Poll Worker assists a voter on Town Meeting Day (03/05)

The youth vote

Vivian Halladay and Penelope deRosset April 3, 2024

When you turn 18 you can sign a contract, call yourself out of school and perhaps most importantly - vote.  For many BHS seniors their first chance to exercise their new right was March 5 during Town...

Across the nation chronic absenteeism (missing 10% or more of school days) has doubled since 2018. BHS has seen a 75% increase in that same time frame and now has a 28% chronic absenteeism rate.


Connor Byam, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2024

28% of BSD students were chronically absent last school year – having missed more than 10% of school days. This follows a nation-wide trend of increased absenteeism in recent years. The chronic absenteeism...

School Board members

School board meeting 1/9

Krisha Thapa, Staff Writer January 20, 2024

Summary of 1/9 School Board Meeting: The board expressed gratitude for Magnet Schools, raised budget concerns and emphasized the importance of spending time with students. Recognition was given to Seahorse...

A danger sign in front of the escalators at the former-mall-now-high-school tells students that the escalator is broken.

Breaking down

Miranda Brown, Journalism 1 Student January 15, 2024

The down escalator at DtBHS stopped running on August 30 - and it didn't start running again for several weeks. “I've never used the down escalator, like ever,” Bellamy Crehan ‘27 said.  She’s...

BHS students star in Mean Girls

BHS students star in “Mean Girls”

Penelope deRosset, Staff Writer January 7, 2024

BHS students are starring in Very Merry Theatre’s production of “Mean Girls” this weekend. The musical is an adaptation of the 2004 film of the same name. “I really like the community we have...

New web filter GoGuardian has blocked the school districts own live streams.


Penelope deRosset, Freya Heinzer, and Rowan Roberts December 12, 2023

Instagram - blocked. TikTok - blocked. Pinterest -blocked. Cool Math Games - blocked, The New York Times - blocked. This year the high school started using GoGuardian, a monitoring program that keeps track...

7 principals in 7 years

7 principals in 7 years

Connor Byam, Editor-in-Chief December 6, 2023

BSD Superintendent Tom Flanagan announced Principal Debra Beaupre’s resignation from her position in an email sent to BHS students and families on November 21. Sabrina Westdijk assumed the role of acting...

Teaching Conflict

Teaching Conflict

Rose Howell, Journalism 1 Student November 30, 2023

Marzie Schulman ‘27 is Jewish, has visited Israel many times and has family in the Israel Defense Forces. Schulman says she wishes there was more time devoted to the  Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in...

Norra Moody 24 pushes Mr. Mazuzan (Santa) at the end of the parade.

3rd Annual BHS Macy’s Day Parade

Vivian Halladay, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

Schoolboard meeting summary 11/7/23

Schoolboard meeting summary 11/7/23

Krisha Thapa, Staff Writer November 10, 2023

Summary of 11/7 Meeting:  During the public comment section, there were various topics discussed, including the drama director split, an appreciation for musical director Peter Boley and the identification...

Q Grader certification process.

Kestrel Coffee Roasters: From Bean to Brew

Haven Steiner and Layla Fisher, Guest Writers November 8, 2023

There is no doubt that there is a robust coffee culture in Burlington. From Black Cap Coffee & Bakery to Kru Coffee Collective, there are several local coffee shops to choose from in walking distance...

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