What’s Up With That? Silent Bells


“What’s Up With That?” is a bi-weekly column written by Staff Writer Lucy Govoni.

Lucy Govoni

The BHS bell system has been a reliable and trusted way that students and teachers make sure they arrive to their classes on time every time. However the BHS school bell has undergone a noticeable change in the last two months.

Students and teachers alike have started noticing that the consistent drawn out buzz is now a random short beep. This change has many people asking…What’s Up With That?

Some BHS students feel strongly about this recent change.

“ It (the Bell) throws me off,” BHS junior Julie Riley said. “It confuses me because i’m not sure if what I heard was the bell or something else.”

While Julie Riley is simply confused with the new length of the bell, Nicholas Cartnesen has stronger feelings about the bell.

“It’s ridiculously short and abrupt. The length of the new bell is more of a waste of time then anything else,” Carstensen said.

He also recounted a time where he said the bell only sounded for a second, leaving people confused and unsure if it was the bell alerting people to get to class or if it was the office trying to make an announcement.

“The bell is especially ineffective during third block when people are in the cafeteria because more times than not you can not hear the bell,” Carstensen said.

Sofia Toche, a freshman at BHS has first hand experience with problems that the short bell creates. “Sometimes I don’t always hear it and teachers say ‘why are you late’ and it’s because of the bell,” Toche said.

Though some students are upset by the bell others are indifferent. Kendall Pace, a Junior at BHS does not see the length of the bell as an important topic.

“I did not even notice, and I don’t really care,” Pace said. Ethan Brown, a senior at BHS feels similar to Pace, “Usually someone makes a joke about it, but it doesn’t really annoy me,” Brown said.

Due to the confusion about the length of the bell the BHS Register sought out an answer to the mystery. BHS Principal Tracy Racicot had a simple response to the question, “There is a technical issue,” Racicot said in an email.  “We have a property service department technician looking into the matter.”

Last Tuesday an email was sent out to teachers regarding the bell. Nicole Schoen, a math teacher at BHS commented.“They thought they fixed it yesterday but it’s not working today, that was it,” Schoen said.

“What’s Up With That?” is a bi-weekly column by Staff Writer Lucy Govoni about strange things at Burlington High School. Send your topic suggestions to [email protected]