Burlington-Colchester Sealakers advance to girls hockey finals


Anna Huener

At the end of the first period of the girl’s hockey semifinal, Burlington-Colchester trailed Harwood with a score of 2-1. With the lone goal scored by Colchester’s Meghan Lehouiller, tensions were high, Harwood was possessing, and shots were getting blocked. 

As fans cheered from either side, the question of who would win was on everyone’s mind.

However, the early goals from Harwood didn’t stop the Sealakers. Seconds before the second intermission, Colchester’s Maddie Chagnon tied the game with another goal. The team was gaining momentum – and it wouldn’t stop there.

The Sealakers’ Meghan Lehouiller prepares to shoot in the second period.
Photo: Anna Huener

Colchester’s Brynn Coughlin scored early in the third period with a quick assist from Burlington’s Ruby Wool. Coughlin scored again with minutes left, again with an assist from Wool. 

The game had been won.

“The other team played hard, and put us in an awkward position that we hadn’t been in before, but the girls are very resilient; they came back,” Sealaker coach Jamie Rozzi said.

The Sealakers celebrate after a 4-2 win.
Photo: Anna Huener

Despite early possession from Harwood’s offense, the Burlington-Colchester Sealakers won the semifinal with a 4-2 lead. 

The Burlington-Colchester Sealakers have earned their success this season. 

“We’ve worked so hard this year to push ourselves individually and as a team,” said Burlington’s Ruby Wool.

The Sealakers prepare for a faceoff against Harwood at the start of the second period.
Photo: Parker Ballard

With a single loss and one tie all season, the Sealakers are headed to the final.

“We’ve never been to the Gut [Gutterson Field House],” the Sealaker’s Maddie Chagnon said. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Before the joining of the two teams, neither Burlington or Colchester had been to the championship game. Not only has the merging of the schools warranted success, but it has allowed the girls to play in the first place.

“We actually have a team,” Chagnon said. “That’s pretty cool.”

The team plans to win the final for both Colchester and Burlington.

“Monday is going to be a tough battle against Essex,” Wool said. “But we know what we are capable of and we are going to leave it all out on the ice.”

The team will play Essex at 7 pm on Monday at the Gutterson Field House where they will compete for the title of State Champion.