BHS librarian Abbey Pasquence departs after four years


Photo: Sam Beste / Pasquence poses for a picture at her last day working at Burlington High School.

Sam Beste

Anyone who has been inside the Burlington High School (BHS) library may have been welcomed by a bubbly and friendly blue haired librarian: Abbey Pasquence. People at BHS know Pasquence as helpful, caring and creative. She has been a librarian at BHS since 2016. On February 5, beloved Pasquence shocked many in the BHS community by announcing that she is leaving Burlington High School for a new job opportunity.  

“I was sad, [when I found out] but also after the feeling of sadness went away I am happy for her. She’s moving on and getting an actual library job position” Erza Benzing, a senior at BHS and a teacher’s assistant in the library said. 

This news comes after Ms Pasquence accepted a position to be the new Youth Services Librarian at the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library in Jericho.

“I’m going to be responsible for the entire youth department, so I will be picking the books and maintaining the collection for little kids, middle schoolers and teenagers and their parents,” Pasquence said. “I’ll have control over the budget so I’ll get to choose what supplies we buy.”

Since getting her Master’s degree in library science from Kent State University online in June of 2019, Pasquence has been looking for a job where she can apply her newfound knowledge. 

“I’ve been looking around for an opportunity to use all the skills I learned in library school like doing more direct programming, teaching more early literacy to little kids and getting to read storybooks to little kids again,” Pasquence said. 

Although this is a great opportunity for her, BHS will surely miss her presence.

Photo: Sam Beste
Pasquence assists a student in the BHS library.

“It’s always so delightful to see her because she serves such a positive energy no matter what mood you’re in, and she tries to bring positivity to your day,” Kelemua Summa, a sophomore library teacher’s assistant said. 

Since this announcement, the search has begun for a replacement for Pasquence and expectations are high.  

“The new librarian has to know how to connect with the students and not just be there behind the desk,” said Abi Perlah-hard, a senior at BHS and library teacher assistant. 

Shannon Walters, the current librarian at BHS, believes that getting the right person is crucial. 

“It’s a role that has the potential to touch every student and every staff member in the building. It’s a pretty key position and I think that the right personality is worth waiting for. Sometimes it’s difficult to get somebody who has any library background,” Walters said. 

Summa hopes that the new replacement can fulfill Pasquence’s position of being a positive influence in the building.

“I hope the [new librarian] has the same dedication that she does, the same drive that she does cause she’s so passionate about helping students so I’d like someone who brings the same drive and passion,” Summa said.

Noel Green, the interim principal and Shannon Walters are working hard searching for a new candidate and should have a replacement by early March.