What’s Up With That: Vending Machines


“What’s Up With That?” is a bi-weekly column written by Staff Writer Lucy Govoni.

Lucy Govoni

The vending machines that have forever lived in the far left corner of the cafe between the entrance and exit to the lunch line, however they have been relocated. Consequently, students are disoriented.  What once was an empty spot near the stairs to B building is now the new home of the four vending machines, and where it used to be is a sad, empty corner.

Customers are puzzled.

“When they moved the vending machine I was just kind of confused,” said junior Bella Weston. “I do not really know why they did it. It doesn’t negatively impact the students but it just threw off the the way the cafeteria was before.

Many students have a similar viewpoint to Weston.

“I am pretty indifferent to the changes, moving the vending machines does not change anything about my life at all,” Simon Mendenhall said.

Maleek (Mookie) Pearson-Fitzpatrick a sophomore at BHS commented on the matter as well. “It’s so stupid what was the point anyways, I don’t understand why they moved them they were fine before,” Mookie said.

Although many students do not have strong opinions on the matter, a few are vocal about their disdain or the changes to the cafeteria.

“As a good progressive that I am I always say ‘never fear change’,but this change of the vending machine location seems unnecessary,” said Alexandra Brown. Ian Donahue, a junior at BHS agrees with Brown’s feelings towards the vending machines.

“Moving the vending machines to where they are now takes up space to me better used by a table. I believe that the previous location was more convenient, as students are getting utensils and food in the vicinity,” he said.

Doug Davis, the Director of Food Services for the Burlington school district feels that having the vending machines near the walkway yields many benefits and makes it easier for students to grab a snack on their way to class.

“No because there’s a lot less room to get snacks because of the lunch tables,” Tatum Vachereau said

Davis informed the Register there is a reason.

Vending machines were moved to make room for future improvements to the serving capacity and layout of the kitchen. As well as to minimize the noise at meetings, and the accessibility for students not wanting to come into the cafeteria,” Davis said.

He aso informed the Register that in the next few years BHS will be knocking down the wall that the vending machines were on to connect the two food lines so that students do not have to walk in a separate room to get food.

Davis also mentioned that there have not been any formal complaints from students, however, “As always, whenever there is change, there are questions,” he said.  The students of BHS have not gotten extremely upset over this issue.

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