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Sport: Girls’ Basketball

Head Coach: Josh Safran

Last Season’s Record: 2-19

Playoff Finish: Lost in 1st round

Seniors Lost: Norah Mitchell (Forward), Alex Dowett (Guard/Forward), Hannah Minall (Guard), Devin Libby (Forward), Molly Higgins (Forward)

Key Returners: Lyly Dang (Guard/Forward), Koleigh Vachereau (Guard/Forward), Lily Mitchell (Guard)

Expectations for This Season: “Play fast, mix up defenses, get to double digit wins.” -Josh Safran, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

Challenges Expected: “A lot of young players, see how quickly they become ready playing against older more experienced players.” -Josh Safran, Head Coach of Girls’ Varsity Basketball
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Sport: Boys’ Basketball

Head Coach: Tom Barron

Last Season’s record: 18 – 5

Playoff finish:  Lost in the final 4 by 3 to the eventual state champion

Seniors Lost: Kuijtim Hashani (Point Guard), Kaden Rosalimilia (Guard), Almir Konjohovac (Center), Mike Dimagio (Guard), Hassin Abdi (Guard), Adbi Boule (Guard)

Key returners: Kevin Garrison (Sr., Guard), Haji Haji (Sr., Guard), Jensen Daly (Soph., Forward)

Expectations for This Season: “In terms of wins and losses we try not expect outcomes. We rather put our expectations on the things that we know we have control over. As individuals we want to give our best effort daily trying to be a better player/teammate/student/coach than the day before. We feel that if we do our best to stick with this simple formula then the others things will fall into place.” -Tom Barron, Head Coach of Boys’ Varsity Basketball

Challenges Expected: “It’s a long season and every year challenges arise that are unexpected and as always we will have to make adjustments and deal with those challenges the best that we can, But looking at our squad and going into the season I think that our biggest challenge on the court will be rebounding the basketball.” -Tom Barron, Head Coach of Boys’ Varsity Basketball
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Sport: Girls’ Ice Hockey

Head Coach: Molly DiMasi and Jamie Rozzi

Last Season’s Record: 8-11-3

Playoff Finish: Lost in quarterfinal game

Seniors Lost: Jenna Blondin

Key Returners: Tatam Vachereau (Sr., Defense), Bella Weston (Sr., Defense), Makayla Lessor  (Sr. Forward), Ally Peeters ( Jr., goalie), Madison Chagnn (Soph., Forward), Meghan Lehoullier (Soph., Center), Olivia Maher (Soph., Forward), Brooke Barrows (Soph., Center)

Expectations for This Season: “We will be a strong team, most of the girls have played together for a couple years now. We have a full bench this year and will be able to compete with everyone this year.” -Molly DiMasi, Co-Head Coach of Girls Varsity Hockey

Challenges Expected: “Some challenges we might foresee would be making sure to keep the team close and bond so we limit drama and hoping no injuries come up.” -Molly DiMasi, Co-Head Coach of Girls’ Varsity Hockey
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Sport: Boys’ Ice Hockey

Head Coach: Lou Dimasi

Last Season’s Record: 2-14-2

Playoff Finish: 3-2 loss in first round to MMU

Seniors Lost: Leo Nerbak, goalie, David Gafner-Bergeron, forward, Alex Smirnov, forward

Key Returners: Elliot Maher  (Jr., Forward), Bradley Labombard (Soph., Goalie), Colton Poulin, (Soph., Defense), Peter Loescher (Sr., Forward), Spencer Stilwell (Soph., Forward), Teagan Hart (Sr., Defense), Connor Poulin (Sr. Defense), Duncan MacDonald (Jr., Forward)

Expectations for This Season: “With many other teams losing lots of seniors, the experience our younger players gained last year is going to help us win games this time around. Last year was a building one. In the 2017-2018 season, with the veterans’ knowledge, the underclassmen’s valuable experience, and much more talent in our depth chart, our eyes are set on the state title and that’s going to be our goal from day one.” -Peter Loescher, Co-Captain of Boys’ Varsity Hockey  

Challenges Expected: “We are a small team in stature. In order to be successful, we need to skate fast, play with a chip on our shoulder, and go into each game with the expectation of winning. If the squad is able to carry out these things, I believe we will win lots of games.” -Peter Loescher, Co-Captain of Boys’ Varsity Hockey
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Sport: Indoor Track

Head Coach: Julie McGilpin

Last Season’s Record: N/A

Playoff Finish: Boys 4th, Girls 6th (at States)

Seniors Lost: Maday Maday (sprints), Maddie Khamnei (sprints)

Key Returners: Kent Ford (Jr., Mid-distance Runner), Owen Amsden (Sr., Distance Runner), Charlotte Khamnei (Jr., Distance Runner), Nick Carstensen (Sr., Sprinter)

Expectations for This Season: “Our indoor program has been gaining momentum and we’re hoping that reflects in results this year. We have lots of new faces this year, and we’re excited to welcome them onto our team.” -Julie McGilpin, Head Coach of Varsity Indoor Track

Challenges Expected: “We lost some great leaders and point scorers, so we’re hoping to see some athletes step up to the challenge and follow in their footsteps.” -Julie McGilpin, Head Coach of Varsity Indoor Track
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Sport: Alpine Skiing

Head Coach: Leah Brush

Last Season’s Record: N/A

Playoff Finish: 10th Place

Seniors Lost: Connor Allen

Key Returners: Stoney MacDonald (Sr.), Marley Tipper (Sr.), Lillian Shaw (Jr.)

Expectations for This Season: “Hopefully, everyone will come to the team ready to work. I am sure we can really make a name for ourselves this year. We also have a ton of new faces so maybe someone will surprise us.” -Marley Tipper, Co-Captain of Varsity Alpine Ski Team

Challenges Expected:

“Some people join the team having never been on skis, this is difficult for the team because we are scored individually but the entire team must place above a certain average for us to win anything, therefore having new skiers is tough on the whole team’s score.”  -Marley Tipper, Co-Captain of Varsity Alpine Ski Team
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Sport: Nordic Skiing

Head Coach: Kirsten Berggren

Last Season’s Record: N/A

Playoff Finish: Girls 6th place, Boys 4th Place (States)

Seniors Lost: Phillip Gulick, Charlie Padgett, Christopher Barker, Alexander Silberman, Reeve, Flynn, Ella Causer, Becca Berlind

Key Returners: Marika Massey-Bierman (Sr.), Cerella Farinholt (Sr.), Isabel Vivanco (), Allie Brown (Sr.), Gaelen Kilburn (), Will Keeton (Sr.), Simon Kissam (Jr.), Reid Pepin (Sr.)

Expectations for This Season: “After switching coaches last season, our Nordic team is looking strong this winter and ready to hit the trails! We would love to get in some quality skiing on some real snow, without too much klister getting in the way.”  -Marika Massey-Bierman, Captain of Nordic Ski Team

Challenges Expected: “Getting on snow–but we will find a way to ski as much as possible. Look for us at the Jericho Firing Range, Sleepy Hollow, Catamount, Craftsbury, or out trundling around the field hockey fields at BHS!” -Marika Massey-Bierman, Captain of Nordic Ski Team