2022 Fall sports: mid-season update


Students cheer at the homecoming football game. Photo: Soni Laughlin

Georgia Wool, Staff Writer

Sophomore Glenna Westbrooke reaches for the ball. Photo: Matt Harris

Girls Soccer

Lost to South Burlington in 2021 Division I playdowns

How is your season going?

“We have improved so much since our first game, but we will continue to get better in our attacking mindset. For the past couple of years, we’ve had a strong defensive line [and] now we want to build on that and get some wins!”

-Varsity Captain Lydia Sheeser



Senior Captain Joey Manley steals the ball for a breakaway. Photo: Georgia Wool

Boys Soccer

Lost to Essex in 2021 Division I playdowns

What are you doing in practice to make this team succeed?

“We just try to work hard together and get close with the team we’ve been playing with to build our chemistry.”

-Varsity Captain Joey Manley



BHS player jumps for a middle block. Photo: Soni Laughlin

Girls Volleyball

Lost to BFA-St. Albans in 2021 playoffs

What is a goal your team has for this season?

“One goal we have for the season is to maintain energy. In years past, we would experience energy loss during games and it would severely affect us, so by motivating one another, our morale will be great this season.”

-Varsity Captain Ugasso Hassan



BHS players jump to block the ball. Photo: Soni Laughlin

Boys Volleyball

2021 Division I State Champions

How has your season been so far?

“We had a lot of players get covid in September so we were not playing as well as we could be but other than that the season is going well.”

-Varsity Player Quinn Boyd


What have you been doing in practices to prepare for upcoming games?

“We are working on communicating with each other and playing as a team and increasing our team chemistry.”

– Quinn Boyd



Senior Capt. Maria Worden hits the ball through the air. Photo: Soni Laughlin

Field Hockey

Lost to Essex in 2021 playdowns

What are some goals you have for this season?
“A team goal is to build chemistry with each other because we do not have many returning players. We also want to create more scoring opportunities.”

-Varsity Captain Gaby Schulman



The Seawolves cheer team performing stunts. Photo: @seawolves.cheerleading

Seawolves Cheerleading

Lost to Rutland in 2021 playdowns

What is a goal you have this season for the cheer team?

“Just working together and having fun. Everything’s been good so far but [we] just have to keep making sure everyone knows they are supported.”

-Varsity Player Nevaeh Perry


How will you help the team improve this season?

“Cheering [the football team] on because they get really tired in the second half so making sure they have the support they need.”

– Nevaeh Perry



Seawolves football team seniors. Photo: Daisha Montgomery

Seawolves Football

Lost to Rutland in 2021 playdowns

How has the season been going so far from the start?

“We are struggling mentally and trying to build chemistry with our team because we are from three different schools so it is hard to come together.”

-Varsity Captain Sidiki Sylla


How has your team energy been since your first win?

“There has been an uplift in wanting to win. Our mindset now is just win at all costs and that’s all that matters. We care about practice for each day wanting more.”

-Sidiki Sylla



BHS students run closely together. Photo: @bhsxcountry

Boys XC

Lost in the 2021 State Championship

How will you help the team improve in practice?

“I can help them improve by talking to people and checking in with them and making sure that everything is going smoothly. And at the races cheering people on and really encouraging each other’s running.”

-Varsity Captain Thomas Dion



BHS Junior Gillian Fairfax poses with trophy. Photo: @bhsxcountry

Girls XC

Won the 2021 VT State Championship 

How will you help your team improve this season?

“I think we will improve by becoming more goal-focused as the season progresses and encouraging one another. One of the best parts about this team is the way that we support one another through the ups and downs. I really think having a close-knit team is the first step towards becoming a winning team.”

-Varsity Captain Aya Goldstein