Photo: Nora Jacobsen

KCMalinda Hlords

Boys Volleyball 

Record: 2-5-0

This season: Boys volleyball started the season with a loss against Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU). However, they quickly came back with two consecutive wins against Vermont Commons and Rice Memorial High School. At their homecoming match, they lost a hard-fought game to South Burlington 3-1.

Player talk: “We got some big hits. We played really well, I think our defense was pretty stellar,” senior Sabin Hart said. “I hope we keep our highs high and reduce the number of lows we have, so you know, when we play well, we’re playing amazing, just gotta make sure we play like that all the time. We did a lot better we have a two-game losing streak, we haven’t really been playing well, we just got outplayed, but we were playing fine,”  senior Henry Hood said. 

Photo: KCMalinda Hlordsz

Girls Volleyball

Record: 5-5-0

This season: BHS girls volleyball has started off the season strong with two wins against Vermont Commons and Rice Memorial High School. They lost to Harwood Union High School on the third game of the year, but they came back strong by beating Rice Memorial High School again. The team lost their homecoming game to Saint Johnsbury 3-0 but knows what they should do better.

Player talk: “We need better communication on the court, but at the end of the set, we all came together as a team and worked together,”  senior Lily Mitchell said.

Photo: Julia Keeton

Varsity Field Hockey

Record: 0-6-3

This season: BHS girls field hockey had a slow start to the season with five consecutive losses. At homecoming, they ended their losing streak by tying Rice Memorial High School (1-1) Communication is key for a win. 

Player talk: ¨I think we need to work on communicating a little more and our passing needs to be more accurate,”  sophomore midfielder Paige Moody said. “Our whole team stuck to the bitter end because we went into overtime. We need to work on communication because sometimes we just don’t look when we are passing,”  freshman midfielder Maria Worden said.

Photo: Julia Shannon-Grillo

Varsity Girls Soccer

Record: 7-2-0

This season: BHS girls soccer started off the season with a 6-0 win against Rice Memorial High School. At homecoming, they beat  4-1 St. Johnsbury 4-1. 

Player talk: “Everyone cares it’s our last season, so everyone has been working hard, and the biggest challenge is that we are behind CVU, so to not get cocky and not get complacent and practices have been the hardest part,” captain Maggie Barlow said.

Photo: Jenna Peterson

Varsity Football

Record: 1-4-0

This season: The homecoming game was a big win for the BHS/SB varsity football team.  They crushed Rice 48-0. 

Coach talk: “We made some huge plays on special teams. We executed our offense and we were able to make big plays in the air. We truly showed our strength and ability defensively as well. I found that players showed their true athleticism on broken plays. They were able to turn nothing into something on Friday night,” coach Matthew Currier said. “I am hopeful to see us persevere from the start of the season but also to see the seniors stepping up and being role models for the younger players and program. It’s important that our program has life and it’s the young guys that feed it. We just need to keep our focus and take the season one week at a time.”