Scholarly style: teacher fashion

Photo: Miranda Ljung-Baruth

Photo: Miranda Ljung-Baruth

Miranda Ljung-Baruth, Creative Media Editor

Everyday, we get up, get ready, and pick an outfit. For some this is a quick and mindless step, for others an important ritual. Our clothes can determine our attitude, the way we walk and talk, and how we feel about ourselves. What do the teachers of BHS have to say about fashion, and how does teaching impact their day to day style?

“I try to balance who I am outside of the classroom with maintaining a sense of professionalism inside the classroom.” Jill Kelley, BHS English teacher said. “It’s not really the place where I want to take big risks in my fashion.” 

Photo: Miranda Ljung-Baruth

When asked if she had a fashion icon, Kelley chuckled.

“I’m embarrassed to say I don’t,” Kelley said. “When I was a teenager I could have told you who my icons were, Gwen Stefani, people with funkier styles, people pushing the creative boundaries, and now I’m what you would think of as traditional with my clothing, which came with becoming more aware of my age.”

Kelley explained that while she wants to feel like herself, she prioritizes comfort and practicality above all else.

“I don’t spend a lot of time deliberating in front of my closet but I know I have these pants, these dresses, these skirts that always work, I grab what’s ready,” Kelley said. 

Kelley was kind enough to walk us through her outfit of the day.

“My fit today is a classic floral dress for a garden party. I do use jewelry to express myself, I love big jewelry and that is one area where I feel like I can go big, go bold, I love my jewelry from local artists. I have my comfortable sandals which are flat so I can move around all day and still hold on to summer,” Kelley said. 

On the other side of the spectrum, dean of students, LeVar Barrino, says he does have inspirations that guide his style.

“I think I emulate a lot of my style through hip hop culture, so I would say hip hop would be something that I idolize,” Barrino said as he explained how his hometown has influenced his style. “My style came from just me being young, living in New York.  I grew up in the East Village so I would say my style is like, eclectic.” 

Barrino also relayed that balancing a teacher style with his own personal fashion sense can be hard.

“Back in the day teachers wouldn’t wear hats and I love wearing hats to match my outfits, so to be able to keep my same personality… is comforting to me.” 

When asked to give us a fit check, Barrino excitedly stood up and began.

“Well today I got the Breds on, I got the black Jordan 1s, I got my Nike sweatpants, Nike shirt, I got a tennis necklace, look that up! It’s pricey, I’ll let y’all do the math on that,” Barrino said. “I got my smart watch, and the cheapest thing on me is my Claire’s earrings, not gonna splurge on that. I got my Center City hat, and that’s it. That’s my drip for the day.”

Barrino explained how his style changes a lot, and what he wears day to day doesn’t always fit one aesthetic.

“It could be casual comfy to a bowtie,” Barrino said. “I like multiple outfits, like to keep ‘em on their toes.”