From school sports to drama productions: students reflect on school year


Students watch BHS’ homecoming drag ball. Photo Courtesy: Soni Laughlin

Phoebe Spence, Staff Writer

As BHS finishes the 2021-22 school year with spring sports championships and the Year End Studies (YES) presentation learning, the Register spoke to students to hear their thoughts on the year, the first one fully in-person since 2018-19.

“The biggest [lesson] is just to cherish what you’re doing at the moment… and take time with people you want to be with,” Oli Oski ‘22 said. “Just hanging out with friends and being there with people is not a waste of time ever.”

Students perform in “The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” Photo: Colby Skoglund

Oski emphasized this year’s musical, which opened in February and faced many pandemic related challenges. 

“Despite everything that happened during [The Mystery of Edwin Drood], that is like one of my biggest accomplishments of high school,” Oski said. “Everything that was thrown at me and that cast was insane, and we still put on multiple shows every night.”

For Kelemua Summa ‘22, some of her favorite memories came from her last year on the field hockey team.

Maria Worden ’23 dribbles the ball. Photo: Sonia Laughlin

“As somebody who has been committed to a sport for so long, finishing out varsity field hockey season was just such a good feeling,” Summa said. “I feel like the communities that are cultivated on the sports teams here at BHS have always been such a strong thing.”

Paw Tho Ka Mae ‘23 reflected on the new opportunities she found while attending DtBHS full time, compared to her experience last year during online school.

“I was really able to join a lot of new clubs and be more engaged and have leadership positions,” Mae said. “I’m just very thankful to be able to have these new connections.”

Performers “strut their stuff” in BHS’ homecoming drag ball. Photo Courtesy: Sonia Laughlin

Trudy Farrell ‘25 reminisced about this year’s homecoming drag ball halftime show that made national headlines and brought the BHS community together.

“Obviously homecoming was really fun,” Farrell said. “We were all just in the same place enjoying the same thing, even though we were in very different points of life.”

Sunny Nguyen ‘24  recounted his favorite memory from his participation on the BHS soccer team this past fall.

“One of the most memorable moments was going down to Mount Anthony. We took a Premier bus and had a good experience as a team,” Nguyen said. “… It was fun; we sang songs.”

Photo Courtesy: Sonia Laughlin

Mae spoke about how Macy’s has begun to feel like home over the course of the year.

“When we first came here, obviously there was a lot less artwork and just decorations in general, so it felt like an airport,” Mae said. “I do feel like the sense of community has gotten stronger throughout the year, and I feel more comfortable.”

 Summa remarked on the community’s unique experience after the closure of the Institute Road campus at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

“I know that nobody can compare their stories truly to what we’re going through- so it’s absolutely insane,” Summa said. 

Audrey Greenip ‘22 looked forward to celebrating all the accomplishments of this past year as it comes to a close. 

“It’s just really nice to see the end of the year come around,” Greenip said. “I’m just getting to be proud of all these people that I’ve known for so long and seeing them do all these amazing things.”