After a Year of Covid-19, BHS Students Share Stories of Gratitude



Yordan snuggles up to her dog Charlie. Photo: courtesy Angelina Yordan

Angelina Yordan:

BHS sophomore

“My dog Charlie was obviously already a huge part of my life before quarantine, but since lockdown started he’s become 100 times more important to me. He always puts the biggest smile on my face, even after a hard day. This year has been very rough but Charlie has always been by my side.”





Medea Daly: 

The Daly family laughs with their neighbors while posing for a photo. Photo: courtesy Medea Daly

BHS freshman


“My family has been able to bubble with my neighbors through a large part of this past year and it’s been nice to have another family to interact with. Any person in my family could go over and have fun whether it’s talking or playing. We have become much closer and enjoyed spending time together. They are like family to me and have helped me through a lot.”



Tornwini and his team proudly hold a banner after winning a tournament. Photo: courtesy Henry Tornwini

Henry Tornwini:

BHS freshman


“Something that I have really gotten close with during quarantine is basketball. When we were in the first stage I really wanted to work on my game and better my craft so quarantine helped me develop a better understanding for the game as well. It means a lot as well because playing basketball takes the stress away from me and I enjoy playing it.”


Jonathan Ashimwe (Left) and Barlow (right) strike a pose in class. Photo: courtesy Nash Barlow

Nash Barlow:

BHS junior


“I know we don’t go there anymore, but the place I missed the most in quarantine was probably BHS because that was where I would see most of my friends and joke around. [BHS] was the main place to socialize and see people you might not see outside of school. It also sucked doing school online in your room instead of going to a place where you can actually learn and do things in your classes. I didn’t know how much I liked going to school and seeing people until I was on my google meets looking at a screen.”




Giroux (#20) stands with her fellow senior teammates. Photo: courtesy Cossette Giroux

Cossette Giroux:

BHS senior


“I have always loved playing sports, especially soccer and lacrosse. With the pandemic, obviously, these things have changed from normal. But despite the abnormalities, I found a deeper appreciation for my teammates and for the sports themselves. Soccer season of fall 2020 was the first time since March where I had gotten to experience being with a group of my peers again. It emphasized how much it means to me to be around people. I came to practice excited, and had an amazing season. Now I am feeling thankful for the same things in this lacrosse season, and I have hopes that it will be a good one!”


Mckenna Wheeler:

Wheeler’s dog Rudder smiles at the camera. Photo: courtesy Mckenna Wheeler

BHS junior


“I gained a lot of appreciation for pets in general and especially my dog during the pandemic. We got Rudder during lockdown last April, and he made our whole family happier during a time when everyone was down. Having a dog also brought our family closer because we can all relate to each other through our love for him.”




Seth Jackson:

BHS senior

Photo: Seth Jackson

“Over the quarantine, my options were limited with the things that I could go out and do. What has always helped me get through times like this has been basketball and just going outside to get shots up by myself. By being locked up in the house all day there is nothing else to do but think, so going outside to the court to shoot hoops was my way to relax and have time to myself. Basketball will always be a way of peace for me.”