Letter From the Editor


“What do you want to do?”


If you’re a senior like I am, you hear this question all too often. If you are not, well, be prepared. However, when I was handed over the reigns of The Register at the beginning of the year, I heard that question in a whole new context. As Editor-in-Chief of Vermont’s oldest high school newspaper, I have control over the direction we take, how we publish, and when we publish. So what do I want to do?


So I sat down, opened up a Google Doc, and thought about what I should do with all this power. The clock ticked, and I counted the hours that passed, but still a blank screen sat in front of me. After searches of ‘Great High School newspapers’ yielded nothing, I began to think what separates student publications from professional ones.


Student newspapers are not just classes for students to learn how to write, edit, and publish a newspaper. Instead, they give the student body a platform to express their views. We are publishing at a time where the voice of the youth has never been so powerful: locally, nationally, and even globally. It is essential to our success as a democracy that all of us learn how to express and defend our views, no matter how unpopular or popular they might be. In order to do that, we need to hear from you. I encourage you to write us an Op-Ed on a topic you feel passionate about, email us if you disagree with a story we write, or tweet us your thoughts about the latest issue. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have a voice, and we want to hear it.


To the teachers, parents, community members, administration, and board members; we want ot hear from you too!. For all of our lives, students have been told that their opinions do not matter, so when we are instructed to participate in our community, it gets conflicting. It is always reassuring to hear that adults, who have made it to the real world, agree with us. But what if you disagree with us? Even better.  In order to enter the world as informed adults, students should be equally exposed to viewpoints they agree and disagree with. It is my hope that others can infiltrate the echo chamber that can be high school.


In the coming year, readers can anticipate a publication that exceeds their expectations. We will be covering topics throughout the school, local community, nation and globe. It is our responsibility to provide well rounded, thorough coverage of stories that represent our diverse  student population. We cannot do it alone.  


Please join us for the 2016-2017 year.


Respectfully yours,


Jake Bucci