Spreading the Love: Personalized Valentines from BHS Students


Niels Arentezn

The following are Valentine’s Day notes from BHS students, submitted to the Register:

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year. I love you!

From Maddi Evans<3

Alex S, you’ve got me up @ nite shawty

Dear Andre, I love ur sauce –From BB

Rivan, When I see you in the cycling in the weight room my heart skips several beats –You know who it is.

Alexander… I can’t take my eyes off you…damn

Be strong. You’re a really smart guy and have a lot of potential in life, much love little bro –From Dai Dai

Dear Madison, I like your cake!

Dave L. <3

Jake Bucci does the most

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I‘ve loved you (Silas) for my whole life, mmmm…

Jake B is my love

Theo, Be my valentine (;

Eli Pine, I love yo dad<3

I love you David –From Lucas

I  love you Franny Brock!

Dear Chloe, Thanks for being my secret agent and BF –From Livie

Alec, I love you forever –From Copper

Dear Denise, your hazel eyes make my heart swell

You’re the best Aidan! –From Micah

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Lucas B is a very handsome individual and I am so lucky to know him –XOXO Ella

Sydney, you are beautiful

Lucy G, if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple

You’re Awesome Avery

Simon, be my valentine (;

Sabi, Cash me outside how bow dat!

Damn, you HOTTT! –From Zach

I <3 Nick B

I <3 Pepe

You’re a pretty cool person –From Clare

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Evelyn, You’re amazing don’t forget that! –From Emma

Emma Downey, thanks for those good timez! –From Bishop

Bradley, Happy Valentines Day

You might be excited for VD, but I’m excited for the BIG GAME!

Maggie C, you are cute –From Emma

Gunnar, your Jeep is dumb and your boat is slow –From: Big Lew

Jakey, you’re thiccccc –From Sam

BBU is ELITE! –From the Bears

I love you Eli Pine –From WyattImage result for heart

Allie Brown, Love ya

Dear Ruby, you a cute bird!

Alie B, damn shawty you got a body

Much love ferisa –From meme lord

I love you and your zebra laugh<3  -M

HVD, Oliver! What can I say except you’re welcome. Haha Love you bestfriend! -Micah

Watch out for my mixtape –Anthony

Dear Lillian, I love you more than Blaine does -Duncan

Hockey Dream Team = <3

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You turn my frown upside down, Allie Brown

You’re my major key –To Duncan

Dear Luci, You light up my world. I love you so much.

Dear McCall, I love you so much!!

What up twins! Love you gals! -Barb

Avena is cute

We should be together Sylvie

Leah, U R the hottest pocket –Didney