Smartest in Vermont


Cecily Spence, Managing Editor

The BHS Scholars Bowl Team won the State Championship with a 405-230 point victory over Essex High School. They will be flying to Atlanta, Georgia over Memorial Day weekend for the National Scholars Bowl, where they will represent Vermont. BHS traveled to Montpelier High School on April 1 for the tournament and bested seven other teams to take home the cup for the first time since 2019.

“It was exciting to get to the grand finals,” Daniel McNamara ’23 said. “We were not in huge favor going in, so it was very nice to win.”

Shelley agreed, saying that Hanover, New Hampshire had been their biggest competitor, but they went out before the final round. “[Winning] was really exciting. We weren’t completely confident that we were going to win, but Hanover got knocked out, and that was good,” Shelley said.

For Quinn Shelley ‘24, the rapid-fire round was a highlight.

“You get 60 seconds to answer 10 questions, and that was fun because the whole team got to work together on that part,” Shelley said.

The team, consisting of Daniel Mc-Namara, Isaac Doggett, Robbie Safran, Clare McNamara, Quinn Shelley, and Ezra Case is looking forward to going to Atlanta and recommends students join the BHS Scholars Bowl Team.

“It’s a really fun extracurricular,” Clare McNamara said.

Daniel McNamara agreed.

“Anyone can join and come to the practices,” Daniel McNamara said. “There are multiple teams at these events, so join and you can just start playing.”