School Board passes motion for new BHS location


Photo: Nora Jacobsen

Phoebe Spence, Staff Writer

On November 2, the School Board voted unanimously to pass a motion to select 52 Institute Road North as the site for a newly constructed BHS and Burlington Technical Center (BTC) building. The site was chosen from 3 possible sites: Institute Road North, Institute Road South, and the Gateway Block. The three candidates were previously narrowed from a list of 16 potential sites at the board’s meeting on September 14. 

“I do feel like we’ve done a thorough job in the last couple of months,” Commissioner Martine Gulick said. “And I feel as though we’ve had experts help us out, and it’s time to act now.” 

Bring us back to the beauty and accessibility of 52 Institute Road

— Beth Fialko-Casey


According to Superintendent Tom Flanagan, the North Site is advantageous due to the existing parking lot, lake access, sports fields and available outdoor learning. Flanagan also expressed that the site is most compatible with his goal to quickly and efficiently construct the new BHS.

“I want to see us work together to build an amazing school that represents the values of our young people,” Flanagan said. 

Beth Fialko-Casey, BHS teacher and Burlington Education Association president, shared her support for the motion. 

“Bring us back to the beauty and accessibility of 52 Institute Road, for educators have always understood that our children and families deserve a remarkable high school building,” Fialko-Casey said. 

Commissioner Polly Vanderputten (Ward 3) voiced concerns over the remaining polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the soil at the Institute road site. However, Flanagan offered assurances. 

“The part where we’re planning to build, we’re not concerned with the soil,” he said. 

A new bond will be set on the ballot in November of 2022, which will allow voters to approve funds for the construction. It is unknown what the exact cost will be. 

The next School Board meeting is November 16.