How to Vote in 2020

How to Vote in 2020

Rebecca Cunningham

Town Meeting Day: Tuesday, March 3. Polls open at 7 am, close at 7 pm.  

ATTENTION: Students age 17 are allowed to vote in the primary as long as they turn 18 before the general election on Tuesday, November 3. Voters are only allowed to register in one state at a time. As a college student registration may happen under a parent or individual address but not both. 

How to Register and Request Absentee Ballots:

  • in person – go to City Clerk’s Office at 149 Church Street, Burlington
  • via mail – go to; The document must be returned to the City Clerk’s Office (149 Church St.) by 1 pm March 2nd for the March election this year.
  • online – go to and check your current voting status.
  • On voting day – same-day registration allows anyone to register at their polling place.
  • Absentee ballot requests are made in the same fashion.

“You are becoming a participant in your community and you are expressing your opinion, I mean in terms of on the ballot items, what issues you support, what candidates that you want too. So it really becomes your part of the community by making your thoughts and ideas known.”

– Elisabeth Mickenberg Chair of BVT City Board of Registration of Voters 

How to Vote in Person:

  1. Upon arrival at the correct polling place, sign in with an election official in order to receive a ballot. 
  2. Find a vacant voting booth. 
  3. Answer each question by marking the corresponding oval of your choice. In the case of error, a new ballot may be requested from an election official. 
  4. Finally, place the completed ballot in the ballot box slot.


  • The City Clerk’s office closes at 1pm on Monday, March 2 to prepare for the election. 
  • Sample ballots have been transcribed in six different languages: Somali, Nepali, Swahili, French, Arabic, and Burmese. A voter can use the sample ballot to mark the real ballot which is in English. 

Fun Fact: In 2019, only 113 people with a 2001 birth year registered to vote. 18 people born in 2002 also pre-registered as 16 or 17-year-olds (they are allowed to do this as long as they will be 18 years old before the next General Election)

Sample ballots can be found here:

Interactive Ward Map: