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Restaurant Review: Saint Paul St. Gastro Grub

The entrance to the Saint Paul St. Gastrogrub Photo: Ayden Flanigan/Register
Jackson Haugh, Staff Writer December 21, 2020

Tucked away on the corner of Maple and Saint Paul St. exists an unassuming hotspot for Burlington’s hipsters and foodies. The Saint Paul St. Gastro Grub (founded in 2014) has built a reputation for quality...

The ultimate winter classic: finding Burlington’s best hot chocolate

Ben and Jerry's hot chocolate set against Church St. background Photo: Julia Keeton
Julia Keeton, Staff writer December 21, 2020

I have never been an avid coffee drinker. Though I have tried many times over the years to enjoy the beverage, I still can not taste it without gagging. In the winter, I instead turn to another hot drink:...

‘Today Will be Different’: Maria Semple’s not-so-different novel

‘Today Will be Different’: Maria Semple’s not-so-different novel
Anna Huener, Staff Writer December 17, 2020
I picked up Today Will be Different excited, looking for a story as well-crafted as Where’d you go, Bernadette? While Semple’s latest book is witty and engaging in the same ways, it is also disappointingly similar to her previous one.

Emily in Paris: everything wrong with the show, and why you should watch it anyway

Illustration by Zoe Maxwell
Anna Huener November 2, 2020

The new hit drama on Netflix, Emily in Paris, follows the young American Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), who accepts a position at a management firm in Paris, despite her inability to speak French....

Harvest: a classic album perfect for the end of fall

Illustration by Zoe Maxwell
Ayden Flanigan October 26, 2020

We’ve all seen the leaves changing around us, and the world is changing a whole lot, too. It’s hard to find anything to hold onto that will last right now. Music can be that anchor while we’re...

Literature we love: The Bunker Diary and The Wrath and the Dawn

Literature we love: The Bunker Diary and The Wrath and the Dawn
Anna Huener April 14, 2020
When one reads a story of a kidnapping, the expected result is an unsettlingly dark story. Kevin Brooks brings this disturbing effect to new levels in his novel The Bunker Diary.

Restaurant Review: Pho Thao

Restaurant Review: Pho Thao
Sam Beste February 12, 2020

When I walked into Pho Thao it was a typical winter night in Vermont: about 10 degrees with snow falling on the ground. Located in the New North End on North Ave in a renovated house, Pho Thao is a restaurant...

Classic records we recommend: Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

Warner Bros. - 1979
Ayden Flanigan February 6, 2020

I was on a little Fleetwood Mac kick this week. I’ve always kind of written the genre-shifting band a pass, especially their famous mid-70s hits. They came off as milk toast music made for middle-aged...

Foxygen casts themselves in a new light on Seeing Other People

Seeing Other People album cover 
Courtesy: Foxygen
Ayden Flanigan December 19, 2019

As we come up to the end of 2019,  I have been thinking about what albums have stuck in my brain. One such album is Seeing Other People by indie-pop archeologists, Foxygen. A recording group...

Restaurant Review: Taco Gordo

Taco Gordo's Chorizo taco is loaded with chorizo, onion and cilantro
Photo: Kristen Hurley
Anessa Conner November 22, 2019

When I walked into Taco Gordo on a very cold and snowy Friday night, the doorway was blocked by a large hanging black sheet to keep the cold from rushing in and freezing everyone inside. Lured by the...

Taylor Swift surprises on Lover

Taylor Swift surprises on Lover
Ayden Flanigan November 5, 2019

Our Journalism teacher Mrs. Fialko, suggested (or ordered) that for this issue, I review an album that I would not usually find myself listening to. Luckily for me, country-turned-pop superstar Taylor...

REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast

Staff Writers Lucy Govoni and Cerella Farinholt reviewed the new film
Lucy Govoni April 14, 2017

Story By: Lucy Govoni and Cerella Farinholt After hearing extensive hype about the new, live-action version of Beauty And The Beast, Register staff members Lucy Govoni and Cerella Farinholt set out to...

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