Top 5 horror movies that’ll have you screaming

Halloween is here and it’s horror movie prime time. If you need good scary movie to watch, you’ve come to the right place.


Amy Chung, Staff Writer

1. “Smile”

I saw the trailers, I saw the creative advertisement, I saw the posters, but nothing could have prepared me for the mildly traumatizing experience this movie would give me. I’m not ashamed to admit I slept with the lights on after seeing “Smile”- it was necessary. Despite the blood, the movie jumping between reality and illusions and the real fear this movie induced, I want to watch it again. Yes, the movie has plenty of jumpscares, but they were entertaining and used well. Plus, the jumpscares were paired with comedic relief and bad CGI, making the watching experience not so bad. And as someone who enjoys predicting where the story goes, this movie had me stumped and for the most part was unpredictable. If you like jumpscares, unpredictable plots and bad CGI, this movie is for you.

Rotten Tomatoes Summary: After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can’t explain. As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.


2. “Fear Street: 1994”

Based on R.L. Stein’s book series of the same name, “Fear Street: 1994” is centered around LGBTQ and POC characters, set in a time period that wasn’t tolerant of minorities. The identities seen in the movie play a major role in the movie’s plot. If identity isn’t your main focus in choosing a movie, don’t worry because “Fear Street: 1994” is filled with good character relationships, bloody kills and a curse that may or may not need to be broken. If you like what you’re reading then you’re in luck, “Fear Street: 1994” is only the first in the trilogy. Each movie reveals more and more of the curse and will have you reevaluating everything you think you know about it. You’ll be rooting for the success and downfall of characters you never thought you would. Take a look at “Fear Street: 1994” if you want to be introduced to a minority led trilogy with amazing kills and good characters.

Rotten Tomatoes Summary: A circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their town for over 300 years. Welcome to Shadyside.


3. “Black Phone”

Despite being more thriller than horror, this movie deserves a place on this list. “Black Phone” has its plot down to a T; every second of this movie has a purpose. The movie relies on its characters to drive the thrill and suspense, but be warned, there are still a few jumpscares. If you’re one to enjoy suspense, puzzles, and psychological thrillers, this movie is calling your name.

Rotten Tomatoes Summary: Finney, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a sadistic killer and trapped in a soundproof basement where screaming is of little use. When a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims. And they are dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn’t happen to Finney.


4. “Hush”

“Hush” is one of those realistic horror thrillers that have you on the edge of your seat screaming for the protagonists to survive. The protagonist is smart and actually uses all of her resources- rare qualities to have in horror. There is minimal killing and injuries in this movie, but when they do happen they are bloody and repulsive. This movie is for you if you want the classic feeling of screaming “someone’s behind you!”

Rotten Tomatoes Summary: A deaf woman is stalked by a killer in her home.




5. “The Conjuring”

“The Conjuring” is a staple in demonic horror movies. However, with a predictable plot and cheesy jump scares, one of the only good things this movie has going for it is the context it provides to later films in the series. “The Conjuring” is the fourth of eight movies in “The Conjuring Universe”. The movies range in quality from unbearable to enjoyable. If you’re willing to watch bad movies to get to good ones, take a look at “The Conjuring Universe”.

Rotten Tomatoes Summary: In 1970, paranormal investigators and demonologists Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren are summoned to the home of Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger (Ron Livingston) Perron. The Perrons and their five daughters have recently moved into a secluded farmhouse, where a supernatural presence has made itself known. Though the manifestations are relatively benign at first, events soon escalate in horrifying fashion, especially after the Warrens discover the house’s macabre history.


“The Conjuring Universe” in chronological order:

“The Nun”

“Annabelle: Creation”


“The Conjuring” 

“Annabelle Comes Home”

“The Curse of La Llorona”

“The Conjuring 2”

“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”