Even more Gecs

The music duo “100 Gecs” has created a new genre of music

Beck Mac, Staff Writer

It is hard to label the music duo 100 Gecs. Some say they are hyper-pop, EDM, ska, experimental pop, electro-pop or any number of genres. In my opinion, 100 Gecs have created a new genre of music that can’t be defined by words, but by the noise and energy they create. 

In mid-March, Laura Les and Dylan Brady released their much anticipated sophomore album to cheers from the fans – and confusion from literally everyone else. To say this music is an acquired taste is an understatement. I only came around to appreciating their music after seeing them live where I got what could be called “the 100 Gecs contact high”. During that live show, I realized the importance of energy to their music, and all it took was dancing my heart out and falling on the floor 3 times. 

The opening track “Dumbest Girl Alive” is an internet era anthem. It starts as ridiculously as possible with the “Thx” movie note followed by a midi metal guitar track that is soaked with bass. Then we hear their iconic pitched up vocals as Les sings, snarls and screams: “If you think I’m stupid now, You should see me when I’m high.” It’s sung from the perspective of someone sending rage fueled text messages and we immediately know what we are in for. 

“757” is an energetic and electric anthem with its glitched-out beat with fast faded in-and-out lyrics seeming punched and chopped in post. Set at 100 beats per minute, Les rapidly bangs out the lines in less than five seconds: “Seven-fifty-seven, yeah, I’ll never go to heaven; I’ve been smoking’ since eleven, told the devil he’s a lemon, yeah.” Here we have yet another track that is filled with wild lyrics about avoiding your problems by partying and smoking copious amounts of weed. It’s a fun, bounce-off-the-wall track with intense energy that will make you move regardless of how you are feelling. 

“Mememe” is a song I was fortunate enough to get to experience live. It’s a catchy ear worm of a song that will get you repeatedly saying, “You’ll never really know, know-know-know, “know-know-know; Anything about me, me-me-me, me-me-me”. The song is fast paced for the most part, but it has ska-esq breakdowns signature of the Gecs style blending. 

Through all of 100 Gecs work you’ll find a fun and energetic surface that can also be filled with emotional and personal lyrics. But I doubt 100 Gecs wants you to take their music too seriously because they are here for a good time. Their music is the definition of fun expressed through the blending of genres, and an unmatched energy. 

For only a 27 minute run time, “10,000 Gecs’ ‘ succeeded at having a high enough energy level to make me dance and break my brain. This type of music could only have been created by the right personalities at the right time. 100 Gecs took an excess of internet culture, a deep passion for music and a desire to push music to the theoretical limit and turned it into something  magical, glittery and truly unique.