Burlington School Board reconsiders how to spend $200 million

Disclaimer: This story is written for April Fools Day. All quotes and information are fake and purely for entertainment. Please do not take any of this seriously. Ok? Ok.


A new Burlington High School building will cost $200 million. At a board meeting Tuesday, the district announced they are now considering alternatives for the same price. The Register obtained a primary list. 

  • 8,000 acres on the moon
  • A legendary prom afterparty
  • 4 miles of untouched Santa Barbra Coastline
  • A 1962 Ferrari
  • Stowe, Sugarbush, and Jay Peak
  • Adam Sandler for 100 days
  • About 100 million Snickers bars
  • 81,267 shares of Macy’s stock
  • College tuition for 1,000 students
  • CVU

The board will vote on one of these items at their next meeting on April 31.