2021 Winter sports preview: athletes’ perspectives

Winter sports have officially begun at BHS. The past few weeks have been busy, exciting and nerve-wracking as athletes prepared for the season. The Register conversed with team members to get their outlook.


Alpine Skiing racing. Photo Credit: Colby Skoglund

Owen Jolly, Staff Writer

Girls Nordic Skiing 

Have you noticed any significant changes to your team this season?

“I don’t think there has ever been more than three or four [middle schoolers on the team]. But this year, there has been probably around 10. It’s really awesome. The [Nordic] programs can be great once they come up through it.”

-Maeve Fairfax, Girls Nordic Skiing Captain.


Boys Nordic Skiing 

What are you most excited about for this specific season?

“Definitely the newest skiers…I’m the only Senior varsity boy, which is kind of good because it means the team’s still going to be pretty solid next year, but we’re always trying to get more rusty skiers.”

-Sam Weber, Boys Nordic Skiing Varsity Captain.


Girls Basketball

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about joining the team?

“Make sure you have the time to be committed because once you’re in the team, you have to be all in for your teammates. But it’s really fun to be a part of a group like that, where they’re all under the same stress and conditions.”

-Anna Jeneman, Varsity Captain.


Boys Basketball

What are you most excited about for this season?

“Last year, since we didn’t have any fans that could watch us, it was really hard to get motivated in-game because the only people cheering you on were your bench. So I’m going to be really excited to actually have spectators for the games. I think it brings the energy of the whole game up.”

-Miles Jope, Longtime Boys Basketball member.


Indoor Track 

What Challenges are you expecting to face this season?

“Right now, we have to practice at the old BHS building, and we have to run in the hallways and stuff. We don’t really have the facilities right now. But soon enough we’ll go to UVM for practice. I think that would really help us.”

-Djani Pasagic, Longtime Track Runner.

Group of Indoor Track Players pose for a photo. Photo Credit: Djani Pasagic


Girls Alpine  Skiing 

What would you tell someone who is debating joining the Alpine team? 

“You should do it. We have so much fun and our coaches are the best. Plus, you get to miss school to go skiing.”

-Sonia Laughlin, Longtime Alpine member.


Boys Alpine Skiing 

How does this season compare to last year’s season when COVID was a bigger factor?

“So last season, I think we were scheduled for three races I want to say, two or three. This year, we have nine, which is a big difference. “

-Dylan Bassett, Longtime Alpine Skiier.



What is the main appeal of the bowling team? 

“Definitely the people. I really thrive in an environment that’s so supportive, like the bowling team. It really allows me to express who I am. It feels really nice to be able to be open and communicate with teammates, whether that’s just joking around about something or trying to give them some good, cold hard advice. ”

-Nolan Lane, Longtime Bowler. 


Girls Hockey 

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the hockey team?

“Everyone is so kind and nice to each other. It’s like living with a whole other family.”

-Paige Moody, Longtime Hockey team member.


Boys Hockey

What do you think your team is going to excel in most this season?

“This season, our team is definitely going to have a great atmosphere. We’ve already built a really good group of guys, and it’s like a family. And that’s definitely going to reflect when we’re on the ice playing other teams.”

-Caleb Purvee, Longtime Hockey team member.