Fashion Spotlight: Stomping around with Rehema Abdi


Photo: Courtesy Rehema Abdi

There’s no mistaking Rehema Abdi gliding down the escalator at BHS. First the eye catches vivid colors–the saturated bold hues reminiscent of childhood. Her signature reds, pinks, and yellows draw attention as she sweeps down the hallway. Upon closer look, subtle but intentional details pop. The keyhole cut-out on her shirt. The mask, color-coordinated to match her cardigan. All the pieces fit seamlessly.

Photo: Charlie McConnell

Abdi has a clear mission in her style: be bold. She aims to inspire others to be authentic in what they wear, just as she has been inspired to do so by fashion risk-takers before her.

“I really used clothes before to hide myself and my identity, and then when I kind of got more confident and grew into myself I wanted to express myself with clothes,” Abdi said. 

  • Typically, you can see Abdi adorned in dazzling tops, mini skirts, and fishnet stockings, accompanied by a hefty amount of silver jewelry and a shoulder bag. However, her style is continuously evolving. Abdi creates her own spotlight, which is just the way she wants it. She lovingly labeled her favorite looks as “stomping around outfits.”

“Outfits where you want to stomp around, you want people to see you and you feel really good about every step that you’re taking,” Abdi said.

Abdi’s love of fashion began at Hunt Middle School, but her personal style exploded during quarantine. Making use of her free time, Abdi made curated boards on Pinterest that influenced what she wears today.

Photo: Charlie McConnell

When asked how she would describe her fashion vibe, she chuckled.

“Bright colors, but tight pieces and cool prints,” Abdi said. “Just really whatever I’m feeling. I’ve gone through a lot of different phases, but I always land on really colorful, kind of early 90s.”

Photo: Courtesy Rehema Abdi

Fashion plays an important role in Abdi’s life, and she sees herself using it to inspire others in her future.

“I want to be an early education teacher, so I love the idea of being a teacher that comes into school with cool outfits and has a colorful space and atmosphere that will engage people during learning,” Abdi said. “I think fashion will play a big role in that.” 

Emanating a singular energy, Abdi bounces off the escalator and heads to class. Effortlessly cool, loudly herself, perfectly Rehema.