The Mysterious Case of the Hallway Whistler

Disclaimer: This story is written for April Fool’s Day. All quotes and information are fake and purely for entertainment. Please do not take any of this seriously. Ok? Ok.



A typical day at dtBHS takes place under a blanket of noise: distant chatting from a nearby hallway, the whir of the school’s escalator, and Mr. Hagan’s lectures from a corner far away. The hum of learning continues throughout the day, always moving, until…. a shaky whistle pierces the air, and all is silent.

This shrill noise originates not from a bird or a train screech, but from a student at BHS: one that remains unseen, and unidentifiable. The student’s infamous name: the “Hallway Whistler”, the mysterious jester of downtown BHS.

“When they whistle,” Sophomore Heather Jonas, a victim of incessant whistling, said. “It makes me angry.”

Students across downtown BHS recognize the whistler’s whistle throughout the normal school day. Many find the noise insufferable, almost haunting, as they sit in class. Others smile, entertained by the smothered fury of their teachers. 

“I like to whistle, but not in school,” math teacher Scott Hubbard said. 

When asked about the actions of the Hallway Whistler, Hubbard becomes straight-faced and solemn with silent rage. Often during his second-block calculus class, he threatens to climb over the walls to catch the sneaky student.

Multiple theories exist for the motives of the Hallway Whistler. Perhaps the whistler is a young delinquent, seeking attention. Perhaps the student has a compulsive whistling problem or a nervous habit. Or, perhaps a teacher walks among us, wreaking havoc under the guise of professionalism…

While opinions differ, one sentiment remains the same: the hallway whistler must be identified and firmly silenced. Until then, the case of the Hallway Whistler remains a mystery. 

Please report all information about the Hallway Whistler to the BHS Register tip hotline at [email protected].