BCL students showcase original artwork in a public exhibition


Tyler Lavoie, Gabi Gardner-Burke, Liliana Venner, and Lulu Guy showcase their artwork // Photo: Nora Jacobsen

Nora Jacobsen

On Tuesday December 11, from 6 to 7:30 pm students from the Burlington City and Lake (BCL) semester unveiled four large scale original acrylic paintings created by small teams of BCL students in collaboration with community muralist and arts educator, Will Kasso Condry. 

Each group started with the frame of a face painted by Condry.  Then took off unique directions. The faces are vibrant, colorful, and exude energy.

BHS senior Tyler Lavoie said the power of the artwork came from how the public was able to interact with it.  

“We really wanted to inspire creativity with everyone and get people thinking,” Lavoie said.

Throughout the creative process students appreciated Condry’s encouragement and guidance.

“[Condry] is really supportive and supported all of our ideas by letting us take the lead,” Lavoie said.

“They wanted to tell their story of their peers and BCL in Burlington High through these canvases,” Condry said. “It was my job to give them the confidence and give them that push.”

For students, this form of storytelling was eye opening.

“The most influential thing I learned working with Will was that art is made in layers,” BCL student Kofi Young said. “You may start out with an idea, but throughout the process of painting and adding layers it could evolve into something completely unforeseen and new.”

Will Kasso Condry helps add final touches to the students’ artwork
Photo: Jennifer Herrera Condry

Condry, who has produced public art across the country, was impressed by the depth of the BCL experience.

“They blew away my expectations, Condry said. “I’ll tell you and I’ve been doing community art projects for the better part of a decade now and this is by far one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had.”

The paintings will be a permanent installation at BHS.