Representative Peter Welch promotes renovation legislation at BHS

Rebecca Cunningham, Staff Writer


REBECCA CUNNINGHAM, BHS REGISTER: Monday, November 1, Vermont State Representative, Peter Welch toured Downtown Burlington High School in an effort to understand the condition of Vermont schools. He recently sponsored legislation that would grant institutions across the country $120 billion for needed renovations. 

PETER WELCH: You know it’s a remarkable start. You guys lost your high school, and I wanted to see how you’re coping with going to school in what used to be a department store. 

CUNNINGHAM: Welch believes taxpayers in every state struggle to afford expensive construction costs. He hopes to provide federal assistance. 

WELCH: The big decision for us is do we start investing in our kids and our communities not just in foreign wars? It’s really that simple. There is nothing more important than education. 

CUNNINGHAM: Congress will vote in the coming weeks, and Welch expressed optimistic prospects.