Statement Regarding Teacher Turnover Rate Article


The Burlington School District has released further data and information regarding teacher turnover rate. The Register would like to clarify an article published on the matter on May 29.

  1. The numbers stated in the article are based on data provided by human resources to the Burlington Education Association (BEA) at the time of the May 9 school board meeting. This information was clearly indicated as such. The data was confirmed through documents made available in the board’s consent agenda, which is available online.
  2. The district has not communicated its use of exit interviews with the BEA, The Register, or the broader community, to our knowledge, until the release of the statement.
  3. The district claims in their latest statement that the delay in approval is due to workflow volume, but it is unknown how many teachers asked for an extension due to searching for alternative employment.

Human resources director Nikki Fuller did not respond to multiple requests for comment and clarification of the matter. The article also underwent administrative and district level prior review before publication. The Register is disappointed that the district did not provide any information or clarification at this point in the process.
The aforementioned article, “Projected Teacher Turnover Rate Raises Concerns,” has since been updated to include additional information provided by the district on May 30.