Q&A with Winslow Sightler


Beck Mac, Staff Writer

How long have you been participating in shot put? 

“The first time I got into track and field was because of my brother. I was going into sixth grade and I just wanted to try throwing shot put because it seemed cool and from that summer on I practiced as much as I could.”

What is a favorite memory of the team?

“My teammate Siddiki started throwing sophomore year when I was a freshman, and since then he has been a great teammate and friend and we have made a lot of good memories together.” 

What is the environment like on the team?

“I think we have a great track team that has a very tight-knit community. Our coach isn’t extremely strict to throwers and jumpers, and is understanding.”

Where has throwing taken you?

“This winter was the first time I went out of state during the regular season. A couple weeks ago we went to Rhode Island and Boston for the New England Nationals. Another was in New York at Nike. [I] placed 14 and 15th at Nike nationals.”

Do you see yourself continuing to throw in the future?

“Realistically, I would really like to go to college and grow in college as well to become a professional thrower, but that’s way out there.”