OPINION: Students Should be Included in Schedule Change Process


Isn’t it funny how students do not get a say in our new schedule when we are the ones it is directly affecting? The current schedule does not meet student’s needs. It does not provide opportunities that students need and there is a lack of availability in some classes. BHS is making a new schedule this year. Let’s hope it’s good.

I think that the new schedule should fit what the students want. We should be able to pick our classes, and actually take them. There needs to be three or four different blocks that one can take a class. If one is passionate about a subject, one should be able to take it. We should not have to take subjects we hate and not be allowed to take ones we like because there’s no room or it’s not available.

One of my friends who wants to go into nursing was declined the opportunity to get into the honors chemistry class. Another one of my friends was pulled out of an honors English class because there wasn’t enough space. Seriously?

Students are deprived of learning opportunities because “there’s not enough space”? I understand to expand class opportunities, we need more teachers. More teachers means more money. But this is the next generation we are talking about. If we don’t get an education then how are we supposed to run the world in 20 years? How are we supposed to expand technology or find new resources or go to Mars if we get shut out of class? This is ridiculous and fixing this should our first priority.

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There should still be four blocks every day so we can have a free block or a study hall depending on what we need.  I use my free block to finish work for the day and begin my homework or sometimes I just take a break and enjoy my friends. Yes, enjoying my friends. Let’s not forget to include the joy that’s supposed to be at BHS. The schedule that we have this year kills all joy and simply does not work.

Having the same days two times in a row has raised many complications. Some teachers give so much homework because they forget that we have class the next day. On the other hand, some teachers realize that we have class the next day so they don’t assign much homework but then we are behind in the curriculum. Also, the current schedule only allows students to see some classes every three days. By that time, our teachers have assigned us so much work. They think that they are the only teacher in the school that matters and so they assign “only two hours of homework.” They don’t realize that’s what every teacher is doing so students end up with four plus hours of homework every night.

The week before vacation I had two essays, two articles, four  tests (two for one class and one wasn’t even a mid term), one  quiz and, on top of that, teachers still gave us homework! That’s ridiculous.  It makes me not want to come to school.  With a new schedule should come an agreement with all the teachers around workload.

I also think that advisory should be a shorter block because, let’s be real, most of the things done in advisory are not necessary or none of the teachers do it. Academic check ins are helpful and presentations make us aware about events or issues.  Advisory allows for students to get help on school work and for teachers to make sure that students personal lives are all set.

Community meetings can be informative but sometimes they go on too long and no one is paying attention or they go into class time which is not acceptable.  It would be less of a waste if teachers did what they are told to do and follow the instructions for advisory.  I think that advisory could be good if teachers actually believed it.

As a 10th grader, I feel like our schedule absolutely needs to be fixed. Teachers and admin need to get up and get to work and think about students. The schedule should fit our needs not the taxpayers’. Burlington needs to stop talking about investing in the future and actually do it.