Winter sports update 2022-23


Georgia Wool, Staff Writer/Sports Editor

The Register interviewed players from winter sports teams to see how the season is going so far.

Boys Hockey

Capt. Cannon Poulin ’23 takes the puck down the ice. Photo Courtesy: Cannon Poulin

What goals do you have for your team this season?

“A goal I have this season is for the team to have a winning record,” Captain Cannon Poulin ‘23 said. “Last season was a challenge, we could play with every team but seemed to always come up short at the end of the game.”


What do your practices look like?

“At this level skating skills are most important to have a strong team,” Poulin said. “The practices we have are fast paced, every Monday we have a skating coach come and we work on special skating drills.”


Girls Hockey

Camryn Poulin ’24 takes off on a break away. Photo Courtesy: Camryn Poulin

How has the season been so far?

“Everything has been going pretty smoothly and I feel like there is already more chemistry and more respect on our team both on and off the ice,” Camryn Poulin ‘24 said. “I think everyone really pushes themselves at our practices and makes the most of it which will definitely pay off in our games and season overall.”


Who are you looking to defeat?

“I think we could be really powerful this season and go far,” Poulin said. “I am really looking forward to playing BFA who went undefeated last year and have been a big rival for a long time, they are always a strong team but we are also strong this year and I think we can beat them.”


Girls Basketball

Nylah Mitchell ’25 moves the ball around a player. Photo Courtesy: Camryn Muzzy

“We have a new coach so we definitely need to go back to the foundations of the team and get into routines,” Captain Camryn Muzzy ‘23 said. “I feel like we need to be more positive and work together.”


“We have had two scrimmages so far that we won and a lot of practices which consist of a lot of up and down the court and practicing plays.” Muzzy said.



Boys Basketball

Capt. Khiem Nguyen ’23 gets ready to pass the ball. Photo Credit: Soni Laughlin

“This season our goal is definitely to be playing at Patrick gym during playoffs,” Captain Khiem Nguyen ‘23 said. “And team chemistry is something that we need and something I think we can improve on.”


“We have had a scrimmage and the team was looking pretty good but we still have things to work on like getting shots up and getting into shape.” Nguyen said.


Alpine Skiing 

A BHS skier finishes the course. Photo Courtesy: Ava Kahl

“Last season our girls team got all the way to states which was really good, we worked really hard to get there and hope to make it again this year.” Soni Laughlin ‘23 said.


“I feel good about the season. We have a lot of returning members and some new people who joined and I think we have a good chance at being a pretty solid team.” Ava Kahl ‘23 said.


Nordic Skiing

BHS skiers make their way up the hill. Photo Courtesy: Gillian Fairfax

“I’m just really really excited about the team, and the snow, and just everything. I think it’s gonna be a great season,” Gillian Fairfax ‘24.


“We want to win states again, and I think something we can work on is helping new skiers get up to the varsity level. We have a bunch of middle schoolers and freshmen this year so we’re hoping to build them up and have a strong team even when we’re gone,” Gillian Fairfax ‘24.


Indoor Track & Field

Amelia Dion ’24 makes her way down the track. Photo Courtesy: Sean Dinan

“We’ve had practices both inside and outside which are mostly focused on getting back into shape.” Sean Dinan ‘23 said.


“Going into the season I’m very excited for the team,” Dinan said. “We’ve got a lot of great talent on the squad in throws, distance and sprints and we have a lot of potential.” Dinan said.



Sealakers gymnast Jaden Sweeten Colchester ’23 sets herself up on the beam. Photo Credit: Kasey Haggerty

“We really just want to create good bonds,” Kasey Haggerty ‘25. “Obviously we want to win but we also want to bond our two schools together because there’s a small gymnastics community and it is hard to find people.”


“We are really excited and think we are going to come in super strong,” Haggerty said. “Our biggest competitors are Essex and CVU.”