2022 Spring Sports: mid-season update

Georgia Wool, Staff Writer


Senior captain Seb Brown cradles the ball.

Q: How do you think the season is going far?

Capt. Seb Brown ‘22: “We had a rough start, but we just won our first game which is good. Our schedule is tough. We are playing all of the best teams in the state.”

Q: What steps will you take to lead your team in practices and games to be able to win and defeat these hard teams?

Brown: “I think a big thing is hustle. If you can’t beat a team purely with skill, you just have to work harder than them.”

Q: What is a goal you have for yourself or for the team this year?

Brown: “My goal for the team is to win, because we don’t do that often, but we’re going to do it more. And beat CVU: that is our goal, to beat CVU and beat Rice.”



The girls lacrosse team huddles together at half-time.

Q: How has the season been so far?

Capt. Camryn Muzzy ‘23: “I think it’s been going well. We are seeing a lot of improvement, especially with players who have never played before.”

Q: What is a goal you have for yourself or for the team this season?

Muzzy: “We haven’t won since before Covid, so I think it would be really great to win a game. But, I think it’s also great just to see improvement across the board.”

Q: What steps as a captain are you going to take to try and help your team get to that goal?

Muzzy: “Encouragement is key and just being very vocal and supportive and understanding to learning the game because I think it can be really confusing with all the rules. And being positive when giving corrections to my teammates and being a leader.”

Q: What are your team’s greatest strengths?

Muzzy: “One of our strengths is, how as the season has gone on, we’ve become really good at working together. People are putting in a lot of effort to continue to grow.”



The boys tennis team poses for a photo.

Q: What do you think are your team’s strengths and what do you think you could improve on?

Returning Player Khiem Nguyen ‘23: “Our team strength is definitely the chemistry between us, and something we need to improve on is focusing more.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

Nguyen: “To win the state championship. I feel really good about [that].”

Q: What do you need to do to be prepared for a championship?

Nguyen: “I think we just need to lock-in in practice and focus up, but still have fun.”


The girls tennis team poses after a win at MMU.

Q: How has your season been?

Capt. Anna Jenemann ‘22: “The season so far is going great. Our team is strong both on the court and off the court with our skill level and how we’re doing against other teams.”

Q: What is your team’s strength?

Jenemann: “We’ve bonded, and we’re a pretty tight team. We enjoy hanging out outside of tennis, which is really cool…We are all pretty equally matched, which allows us to continuously push each other.”

Q: What is your goal this season?

Jenemann: “Our goal is to win the championship and individuals.”

Q: What steps will you take to accomplish those goals?

Jenemann: “We are going to keep showing up every day and stay dedicated to improving and pushing ourselves.”


Senior captain Emmett Young reaches for the disc.

Q: What are your thoughts so far on this season?

Capt. Emmett Young ‘22: “It is definitely a rebuilding season. We lost a ton of seniors, which is making it difficult. Nevertheless, as we move towards playoffs, I have really seen the team improve a lot and become playoff ready.”

Q: What do you think your team’s strengths are? What is something you could improve on?

Young: “Right now, I think our team gets along really well, which is great. Sometimes we lose focus because of how much we enjoy each other’s company, but I think after our tournament coming up this weekend, we’ll regain any focus we lost.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

Young: “I want the team to focus on pushing themselves, even in games that are easy wins. With so many people starting for the first time this year, it’s really important that we push ourselves constantly so that we can progress in skill as quickly as possible.”

Q: What steps are you going to take to accomplish that goal?

Young: “As a captain, this is definitely going to require me to figure out incentives so that players have a reason to push themselves. Having other reasons to push players, besides winning the championship, is going to be really important.”


Junior captain Rosie Brown reaches for the disc.

Q: What are your thoughts so far on this season?

Capt. Rosie Brown ‘23: “It’s definitely a new team, but it’s awesome. And I’m new to the sport. Last year was my first year, so we’re all kind of learning together which is fun.”

Q: What are your team’s strengths?

Brown: “We’re really good at taking in coaching. All of the things our coach has talked about, we have improved upon, and it pulls together, which I think is impressive.”

Q: What steps do you think your team needs to take in order to improve and win games to hopefully make it far in the playoffs?

Brown: “We just need more practice. We have a good attitude as well, so I think we will be as successful as we can be.”


Senior Jackson Littlefield steps up to the plate.

Q: How are you feeling about the season so far? 

Returning Player Jackson Littlefield ‘22: “I am very pleased with how the season is going so far, we have a lot of talent on our team. It is nice to have a coach that knows how high school and college level players act and what they need in practice. I have high hopes for our team, and I really think we can make a run into the playoffs and into the championship this year.”

Q: What are your team’s strengths?

Littlefield: “This year everyone has matured, and we have all grown very close, like a family…We thrive off each other’s energy and that translates into hits in big situations. Our staff and players have been working so hard and putting in 110 percent.”

Q: What is your goal for this season? What steps are you going to take in order to accomplish that?

Littlefield: As a team, we really want to take home the championship. Burlington baseball has been struggling for a long time now…We believe that we have a lot of talent, and we just need to showcase that talent. We all feel that if we take home a trophy that younger kids will be more motivated to play and learn about this amazing sport.”


Freshman Taylor Reed winds up for a pitch.

Q: What are your team’s strengths? What could you improve on?

Waterman: “Our strength is our attitudes on the field. When someone is down, the team brings them up. One thing we can improve on is our attitudes after a game.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

Waterman: “My goal is to be a team leader and help the team be successful.”

Q: What steps are you going to take to accomplish that goal?

Waterman: “As a captain I am going to lift others up when they are down, in the dug-out and on the field.”


Track team members kick off their sprint.

Q: What are your thoughts on this season so far?

Capt. Djani Pasagic ‘23: “Throughout the season, everyone has shown lots of improvement, and our new athletes are getting better day by day.”

Q: What do you think your team’s strengths are and what could you improve upon?

Pasagic: “While we have a handful of outstanding athletes, it’s hard to compete without the number other teams have. Our team isn’t the smallest, but it is small compared to the few schools as big as ours.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

Pasagic: “My goal for this season is to make our sprinters improve the most they can and set the team up for next year.”

Q: What steps are you going to take to accomplish this goal?

Pasagic: “Having the opportunity to be captain as a junior allows me to push my team to become the best they can by making sure they’re putting in the time and effort it takes.”