Students concerned about mandatory 17th century dress code for PLPs


Photo sent within dress-code email.

In a recent schoolwide email BHS’ administration announced that every senior will be required to attend PLP conferences in “high end 17th century garments.”

“Any girl caught with stockings less than knee height will be forced to drop out,” Principal Lauren McBride said. 

Harry Washington ’24 became frantic after seeing the news. 

“Everyone in physics today spent the whole class scouring Ebay for old theater costumes,” Washington said. “Me and my friend Ethan got in a bidding war over a powdered wig.”

Others still have gone to more extreme measures, looking through old costume bins at their homes. 

“I can’t believe I’m wearing my 7th grade captain hook costume to my PLP conference,” Nellie Brooks ’24 said. “My friend offered me 20 bucks if I add an eye patch and put a stuffed parrot on my shoulder. I mean…. 20 bucks is 20 bucks.” 

With PLP’s less than a week away, students are still struggling to find their garments. One anonymous teacher offered students advice. 

“Look through your basements, garages, and closet,” Anonymous said. “You would be surprised at the amount of odd clothing you can find.”

McBride elaborated on the reasoning behind the dress code in her email. 

“If students are ever invited to Buckingham Palace- we want to make sure they are prepared,” Mcbride said. “What if they had to have dinner with the Queen?”