BHS junior attacked by classmates after spoiling Wordle

Disclaimer: This story is written for April Fools Day. All quotes and information are fake and purely for entertainment. Please do not take any of this seriously. Ok? Ok.



Police are currently investigating an angry mob of students that attacked Tyler Gother ’23 on Wednesday for posting on his Instagram the day’s Wordle answers. 

“I was at Lacrosse with Tyler, and he kept pegging kids with lacrosse balls and daring them to ‘try him,'” Jackson Tinsley ’22 said. “This kid was a ticking time bomb. He is way too goofy.” 

The students reportedly locked Gother in his history class for 3 hours while chucking stink bombs over the walls. BHS teacher Albert Dilford oversaw the exchange.  

“Tyler is a disgusting piece of human trash,” Dilford said.  “My daily lunchtime Wordle is the one thing making my mundane school day bearable.”

Before long, a riot broke out. 

“Yeah, that kid got what was coming to him,” Tinsley said. “It was kind of ironic actually. The day’s Wordle was ‘idiot’. Tyler definitely knows what that means.” 

Gother, however, is still arguing for his innocence. He insisted that he just wanted to share his 120 day streak with the school. 

“I had like 120 days, like that is an accomplishment,” Gother said. “So what if a few people got the Wordle spoiled? It’s not like they’re gonna beat my record. They should be thanking me.”

Although Gother has recovered physically, the damage to his image seems to be permanent. In 5 letters, one could say Tyler said ADIEU to his reputation.