Detour highlights student creators in upcoming issue


Detour staff work on magazine. Photo courtesy: Anastazia Lodestone.

Cecily Spence, Staff Writer

As students walk through DtBHS, they may notice the many colored posters advertising Detour, BHS’ literary magazine. The publication’s first issue of the school year will be released tomorrow, December 21.

“This [upcoming] issue is one of my favorites ever to be published,” Jane Sitek ‘24 said. “Not only does it contain many pieces, but it is the first and only 2021 issue to be released [this school year].” 

Detour publishes a variety of students’ work, including essays, poems, and short stories, as well as photography and art. 

“Detour is a place where students can put their creative minds to work: a place where students can work together to create something they are proud of and showcase the talent BHS has,” Chenoa Hunt ‘23 said. 

Sitek hopes to give Detour more publicity through their new issue.

“There are so many opportunities here, yet many students don’t know we exist,” Sitek said. 

According to the student leader of Detour, Anastazia Lodestone, the lack of in-person time last year due to Covid-19 caused major setbacks for the magazine. They were forced to only publish the previous year’s work in their issue for the 2020-2021 school year, and they were unable to publish the magazine at all in 2019-2020. During a ‘normal year,’ Detour aims to publish two to three issues.

I hope that everyone finds as much joy in this new issue as the Detour staff does. 

— Jane Sitek


“Thankfully this year, things are beginning to normalize again, and we are on track for getting two issues out,” Lodestone said. 

The Detour team is split into five sections. Submissions focus on event planning and posters. The social media group manages their platforms. Writing edits submissions for grammar. Layout chooses the theme and which pieces to include. And design edits the magazine itself. They all work together with the common goal to create a meaningful, representative and interesting issue. 

“The hardest part about working on Detour is following the timeline we have cut out for ourselves,” Sitek said. “The staff this year works so well together though. It’s made the work feel like a lot less.”

As Detour is regaining momentum, the staff are excited and ready. 

“I hope that everyone finds as much joy in this new issue as the Detour staff does,” Sitek said. 

Students can join Detour to celebrate the magazine’s release during flex time on Wednesday, December 22.