Seniors present BHS’ first ever Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Seniors in parade wait for elevator. Photo Courtesy: Ethan Huff

Phoebe Spence, Staff Writer

Early on November 19, BHS held its own Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Seniors paraded through the halls dressed up as different characters and rolled in on floats. They formed kick lines, held colorful balloons, and threw candy to underclassmen. 

“It was a great way to go off to break,” Paige Moody ‘22, who joined the festivities, said. 

The parade was organized by a group of seniors. 

“[We] just wanted to make light of the situation we’re in right now,” one of the event’s creators, Rory Stein ‘22 said. 

Stein wanted to play on the jokes circulating about BHS’s move to Macy’s.

“Like of course Macy’s has a Macy’s day parade,” Stein said. “And we’re in Macy’s, so we might as well go for it.” 

The original group of creators worked fast to circulate the plan to the other seniors. They even recruited the school’s drumline. Moody shared her feelings on the parade.

“It helps bring everyone together, especially since we’re not in an actual high school building,” Moody said. “It was nice to do a community thing.”

Quinn Vachereau ‘25 left their class to cheer on the parade with their friends. 

“I liked the school spirit,” Vachereau said. “I thought it was nice because it brought everyone out of the classroom together.”