Teacher Feature: Meet new art teacher Emily Worazteck


Emily Worazteck in her classroom. Photo: Owen Jolly

Owen Jolly, Staff Writer

What did your journey to teaching art look like? 

“I went to Rhode Island School of Design and I studied furniture design in school, which was really cool. And I liked it. I actually worked as a furniture designer for a couple of years after [college]. But what I didn’t like about designing, for me, was that it was kind of the same project over a long year. I wanted to work in a more fast-paced environment, so that’s why I wanted to be a teacher.” 

What aspect of teaching is your favorite part?

“I love getting to know the students. And so I would say that’s one of the best things about teaching in general, just the connections I get to make with students. I get to learn about their lives, and about their artistic journeys.”

What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?

“I like cooking and doing different craft-like [cooking activities]. So, on the weekends, if I have time, I will try something new and it’s a little different than [what] I would normally cook.”

What is your favorite thing about living in Vermont?

“I just really love nature. And [here], you can be in Burlington, and then you can drive just a little bit and you’re in a supernatural and super beautiful environment. That’s why I wanted to move here because in Rhode Island, there’s a lot of awesome natural beauty, but there are so many more people that it’s not as remote.” 

What is your favorite part about Burlington High School?

“It’s in a Macy’s! Just kidding. Although that is kind of unique and different. I think the best part is the energy of the school. I feel as I’ve been here, you guys have been through so much. Covid was hard on any teacher and any student. But not having a building and all of a sudden being in a mall- and you all still have sort of this positive mentality. I know not everyone loves being here and I know it’s a struggle, but I’ve been really impressed with how creative, interesting, and positive thinking the students and staff have been.” 

What is your favorite part about interacting with students?

“I always find a little bit of magic in being able to draw something realistically. I think some people believe they can’t do that. But it is like a physically practicing skill, almost like playing scales on an instrument, or learning how to do a certain thing. I also just think students are so creative, and so interesting, and the perspectives everybody has comes through in their artwork.”