12 Sisters, One Team: BC Girls Hockey Advances To Semifinals


The Burlington/Colchester girls hockey team celebrating after winning quarterfinals. Photo: Keely Kostell

Georgia Wool

Georgia Wool (Left) and her older sister Ruby Wool (Right) Photo: Paul Lamontagne

The Burlington/Colchester(BC) girls hockey team did not have any expectations going into their 20-21 season due to the coronavirus and a team that was welcoming 11 new players. They also had a shortened season which meant less time to build chemistry. 

Yet this team is special–it consists of six sets of sisters! Within weeks of the first practice, BC was holding their own in games. On March 17 they pulled out a win against Bellows Free Academy (BFA) with a score of 4-2, advancing them to the semifinals.

Full disclosure: This is my second year as a Sealaker and my first year playing on the same line with my older sister, senior Ruby Wool. It was special to play with her last season. Now there are 12 girls with the same experience.

The BC girls hockey team is a cooperative of girls from Burlington and Colchester high schools. BC had a successful season last year with a record of 20-1-1 and the two best players in the state–they were the team to beat. Nine players graduated in 2020 so this season was destined to be different even before Covid-19 restrictions. Luckily, BC quickly came together. 

Gussie Guyette (Left) and her younger sister, Leighton Guyette (Right) Photo: Paul Lamontagne

It feels like a family! It’s so funny to see all of us interact in different ways with our siblings and our teammates,” sophomore Gussie Guyette said.

Guyette is undergoing her second year on the team playing left wing. Her younger sister, freshman Leighton Guyette, shares her excitement.

“We have so many siblings on the team it really helps with our team bonding,” Leighton Guyette said. 

The team was able to form an immediate sisterhood. 

“While on the ice, the sisters demonstrate and encourage open, honest, and constructive communication,” Ruby Wool said. 

In addition to the fun atmosphere, the team’s chemistry is visible on and off the ice.

“Having a team full of sisters has brought this team closer,” junior Paige Moody said. “I think having sisters on the team has helped us to work together and accomplish goals faster.”

Paige Moody (Right) and her younger sister, Norra Moody (Left) Photo: Paul Lamontagne

Moody’s younger sister, freshman Norra Moody said having her sister on the team “definitely makes it more competitive in a fun way.” 

“It’s great being able to skate together again,” Paige Moody said. “It pushes you to be better and skate harder. You never want your sister to beat you.”

Moody’s sentiment is shared by seven-year BC coach and BHS paraeducator, Molly DiMasi.

 “I know I always used to have rivals with my sister,” DiMasi said. You definitely want to beat them.” 

This increased level of inner-squad competition has led BC to a semifinal matchup, and hopefully beyond. Their current record is 4-3-1.

Sister rivalry was visible when DiMasi’s sister, assistant coach for the Champlain Valley/Mount Mansfield Union girls hockey team, competed against BC this season. 

In a sport that embraces and embodies girl power, the DiMasi sisters are local role models and are a minority in coaching staff throughout the state. 

“It’s fun to keep it going, girls hockey especially, to have a female coach,” DiMasi said. “I feel like that’s definitely something you need around here in Vermont because there aren’t many female hockey coaches.”

Team captain and senior Ruby Wool said she is empowered by Dimasi in hockey and the comradery of the sisterhood.

 “We are a D1 varsity team with six sets of sisters, that doesn’t happen often,” she said.

This team, and sisterhood, takes on the Rutland Ravens, Saturday, March 20 at 7 p.m.

To access the semifinal game, live-streamed through Lake Champlain Access Television, click here.