BHS captains’ end of season reflections


Photo: Ruby Wool

From mandatory masks to tackle-free football, high school athletes persisted through a season riddled with uncertainty. Leading them through their games, races, and matches, were their team captains. The Register talked with captains at BHS who reflected on the, now over, high school fall sports season. 

Boys Varsity Soccer, 6-2-2

BHS Boys Varsity Soccer defeated Essex to win the D1 Vermont State Championship title.

BHS Boys Varsity Soccer Co-Captain Sam Hogg                       Photo: Sam Hogg

Sam Hogg, Senior, Boys Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, Centerback

What is your favorite aspect of being a captain?

“Starting off every practice, getting the boys together, doing warmups, talking a little bit before games―we get in a little huddle and just talk about what we want to do in the game.





BHS Boys Varsity Soccer Co-Captain Cyrus Perkinson               Photo: Cyrus Perkinson

Cyrus Perkinson, Senior, Boys Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, Center Midfield

What was your favorite aspect of being a captain?

“My favorite part about being captain is watching everybody. The team chemistry grows and everyone starts to get along…You can definitely see now that as the season has progressed and we’ve gotten to know each other a lot better. We play better as a team; we get along together; we just have a lot more fun in general.”

Perkinson on the Boys D1 championship win

“It was a really amazing feeling. It felt like all the times that we put in the work and grinded, and really just worked together to achieve that goal… it felt like it really just came together and made it meaningful.”

Girls Varsity Soccer, 4-4-0

BHS Girls Varsity Soccer Co-Captain Karson battles it out at a game against CVU                      Photo: Courtesy Payton Karson

BHS Girls Varsity Soccer made it to the first round of playoffs, losing to Essex 0-1 in the first match.

Payton Karson, Senior, Girls Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, attacking midfield

What was a highlight from the season?

“I feel the highlights of our team this year, in my perspective, was when our training in practice was evident on the field. An example of this being our communication when distributing the ball and our success moving and working together on and off the field.”

Ruby Wool, Senior, Girls Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, Right Back

What was a highlight of the season?

BHS Girls Varsity Soccer Co-Captain Ruby Wool                Photo: Ruby Wool

“This is the first year I’ve seen our team on the bench all stand up during all of our games and that to me shows how much we all want it as a team. Even though we have kids that aren’t playing all the time, and we have people who start regularly, we all have the same goal to do well, to succeed, and ultimately get the win.”




BHS/SBHS Varsity Football, 6-3-0

The Seawolves reached the Burlington region football semifinal where they lost 21-28 to Colchester.

BHS/SBHS SeaWolves pose after a game                                                      Photo Credit: Bas Diawara

Bas Diawara, BHS Senior, BHS/SBHS SeaWolves Captain, Quarterback

What was a highlight from this season?

“We went down to MMU and it was a crazy game. We were down 14 at the start of the game and came back in the second half. Me, as a captain, as the quarterback, getting guys head right like, ‘C’mon we’re still in this game’. Game was tied 28-28, two minutes left on the clock and they scored a touchdown, MMU, and they missed their field goal. Now we have two minutes left. Now we have to march down the field and score and get a field goal, which we did. We got a field goal and Arbin, our kicker hit the field goal. We all ran out to the field, just happy. We got a win. It was just a great win.” 



The BHS Varsity Field Hockey team gather after a game                Photo Credit: Skylar Clarke

Varsity Field Hockey, 2-6-0

BHS Varsity Field Hockey reached the Vermont D1 Field Hockey quarter-finals where they lost 1-0 to Bellows Falls.

Skylar Clarke, Senior, Varsity Field Hockey Co-Captain, Center midfield

What about field hockey do you value most?

Pictured from left to right: BHS Varsity Co-Captains Clarke, Gentchos, Bluestein after their senior game    Photo Credit: Skylar Clarke

“I think field hockey to me, especially this year, means community. Having a group of people to spend time with when everything else is super crazy in the world. It’s nice to have regular practice and games and a season.”


Violet Bluestein, Senior, Varsity Field Hockey

Co-Captain, Left offensive wing

What is your favorite aspect of being a captain?

“It feels good to have a responsibility. To have people come to you and help them with problems. To be a voice between the coach and the team. You feel like you’re responsible for something.”


Sophia Gentchos, Senior, Varsity Field Hockey

Co-Captain, Defense

What was your team highlight?

“I am most proud of the wins we had this year. We played really well and put up a very strong fight. I’m really proud of the team’s growth!”


Girls Varsity Volleyball, 3-3-0

BHS Girls Varsity Volleyball Co-Captain Najma Malawia Photo: Courtesy Najma Malawia

Najma Malawia, Senior, Girls Varsity Volleyball

Co-Captain, Setter

What about volleyball do you value most?

“For me, volleyball means growth, to learn and to play and to also have fun while doing so. I feel as though volleyball strives to be fun and a well-communicated game. And without communication there is no game and to be able to communicate means bonding with your teammates and that bond has a huge impact on the game that we all play.”

What was a highlight from the season?

“My highlight would be our game against Harwood. It was literally pouring rain. It was muddy. It was cold but that did not affect our attitude on or off the court. Whether we were playing or waiting to play. Everyone was positive and supportive. It wasn’t an ideal weather situation to be playing in the rain, but I felt as though the team strived to play hard, to play with a positive attitude and we won.”

Cross Country 

BHS Varsity Cross-Country placed 2nd and 5th at the state championship for Girls and Boys respectively


BHS Varsity Boys Cross-Country Co-Captain Declan Kervick                  Photo: Declan Kervick

Declan Kervick, Senior, Boys Varsity Cross-Country Co-Captain

What about cross-country do you value most?

“Cross-country is simultaneously a very individual thing but also a great group dynamic. I think it’s very individual in the sense that everyone is chasing individual goals and trying to improve themselves, but it is great to do that with a group of people that are also trying to achieve a common goal.


BHS Boys Varsity Cross-Country Co-Captain Wyatt Harte                                      Photo: Courtesy Wyatt Harte

Wyatt Harte, Senior, Boys Varsity Cross-Country


What was a highlight from this season?

“I didn’t actually have a ton to do with it, but on our second team dinner, Davis’ dad, Andy, brought pumpkins. The team dinner was held at the school, it was rainy and not that fun. However, we decided to put on a pumpkin carving contest with the pumpkins and it made the dismal night really enjoyable.”



Boys Varsity Golf

No available record

BHS Boys Varsity Golf Co-Captain Sam Silberman              Photo: Sam Silberman

Sam Silberman, Senior Co-Captain

What was your highlight?

“We did an 18 hole tournament right at the end of September. It was definitely just great to be able to get out and play at a pretty serious tournament.”


The captains were supplied by the BHS Athletics Director. Varsity captains that did not respond to the BHS Register’s inquiries were unable to be included in this fall captains highlight.