An open letter to people who don’t know how stop signs work

An open letter to people who dont know how stop signs work

Dear People Who Do Not Wait Their Turn at Stop Signs,

As a new driver, I understand that people make mistakes. I understand that every driver has the occasional rolling stop or runs a yellow light a little too late in the game every once in a while. What I will never understand is why people refuse to wait their turn at four-way stop signs.

If you can pass a driver’s test, you should be smart enough to understand the concept of sharing. Since you clearly do not have a grasp on this concept, I will define it for you. Sharing is when everybody gets a turn with something, like a toy, a rollercoaster, or, like, the road. It is not hard to share. You just wait your turn.

Let’s review some rules with which you are obviously unfamiliar. When multiple cars approach a stop sign, the car that gets there first gets to go. If other cars arrive at opposing stop signs at the same time, the car to the right of the car that most recently passed through gets to go. So, on the rare occasion that two cars get someplace at the same time, let the person who is to the right of the car that just went, go. If there is no car that just passed, and it’s just you and another car at the same time, how about using hand signals to tell the other person what the plan is? You both have places to be, and unless you’re driving to the hospital, neither one of you gets priority. Suck it up and figure it out.

You are a car among millions. What gives you the unique right to charge through this intersection? What makes your Honda Civic special? The answer is nothing. If you’re running late, you should have left earlier. Please just wait your turn.

Best Regards,

Halle Newman