People on the Street: How Do You Deal With Mood?


Ever wonder how people deal with their mood? I asked students: “are you a moody person?”

“When I feel moody I like to workout or go for a run. I like going to the gym because working out is a stress reliever sometimes I also like to sleep.” —Abdirahman Mohamed, Sophomore

“When I get in a bad mood I like to calm myself down and remind myself how old I am so I let it go. I also like to sleep and read because it’s a stress reliever, I also go driving so that I can have some alone time.” —Selena Sykes, Senior

“It depends on my mood. I sometimes take it out on the person who put me in a bad mood.” —Megan Lavoie

 “I am a happy person. Most of the time I am pretty shy. I like to keep it to myself.” —Denise Neal

“When in a bad mood I like to sleep or go shopping it’s a distraction and gets things off my mind.” —Binti Malawa, Freshman